Published On: Tue, May 31st, 2016

Pandora’s box is now open!

Arthur DonkerLast week I felt that there was something wrong, that there was something in the air and that it was going to be huge.
The Multidisciplinary Team was summoned by the parliament to give an explanation regarding the questions they had about the progress of their study of the future of the refinery, because there were more questions than answers what later resulted to be true because transparency could not be found even with a compass.

Right after that I received a phone call from Holland from somebody telling me that he was busy with something big regarding this Multidisciplinary Team that was going to blow the lid off.

And what do I see this morning in the papers? The budget of 2014 of that team and what they have spent so far.
One can buy a whole village in Haiti or Venezuela for that amount and don’t even have to go to Africa for that.
Remarkably enough they set apart 200.000 guilders for Public Relations to fight against criticism of the environmental groups like Greentown.

That’s when I fell off my chair!
How dumb can you be? Where were you when they were giving out brains, in the restroom with a Playboy magazine?
On the other side I think that it must be in the genes because his lovely sister Wiels is the same, because that one made out of the Curaçao house in Holland such a horror house that it would make Dutroux jealous.

That one even goes to some voodoo grotto and poses proudly with a group of military personnel in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Some people take the word recycling literary.

Here is a group of people that is supposed to study the future of the refinery that not only have to check out the positive as well as the negative side but also the alternatives.

Now they are going against the environmental groups because they are fighting for the health of 20.000 people that live, work and go to school under the smoke of the refinery because these groups have an alternative solution for the future and think about a clean environment and creating jobs.

The team members get each 5000 guilders a month ($ emoticon and are supposed to ‘work” 15 hours a week. They got together once and never again!

The two chieftains get 7400.= guilders per month ($ emoticon. The secretaries (2 persons) get each 4100.= guilders ($ emoticon a month and then there is still the question if they know the correct interpretation of the word “shorthand”.

The small environmental group consisting of not even 100 persons, with a budget of 900.= guilders
( $ emoticon must have touched a nerve of this powerful group because now they are going to pull everything out of the closet to defend a group of Venezuelans of PDVSA.

Our own people are going to counteract against us because we are fighting for the health of our population to defend a group of Venezuelans that are poisoning and killing our own people!

How dumb can you be! There must be something else behind this!

But we’re going to wash this little piggy because now Pandora’s box is open and all kind of questions are surfacing and we will see once again, that, just like the Curaçao house, there will always be somebody that will be defending them, but considering the upcoming elections and the murder case of Helmin Wiels, big overfed heads will be rolling that thought they were God and untouchable and could do whatever they want over the backs of the population and work against the small groups that do care about the people on this little rock!

I am going to find an application form to look for a job with them because working 15 hours a week for 5000 guilders per month seems like hard work but not impossible.

I keep laughing on this rock because this is unbelievable and there are still people believing that this club is really doing a good job!

By Arthur Donker

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