Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2014

People with backbone!

Arthur DonkerThis morning I received a press release that SMOC (environmental activist group) sends to the media in which they announce that the prize they received from Radio Hoyer, the Rayo di Solo, will be returned because they believe that Radio Hoyer was wrong in giving a Rayo di Solo to the refinery, a prize given to people or businesses that have been helping the community through charity.
The same refinery that for years has poisoned the people living downwind from the refinery are getting a prize because they threw around a bag of money and at the same time give the same prize to SMOC that have been fighting the refinery for 10 years in defense of the inhabitants that live downwind from the refinery.
When I heard that was the first thing I thought of was, I would give that prize back because it’s an offense for the families of the 18 deaths every year and all those people that suffer from some form of lung disease thanks to the refinery and I am glad that they’re returning it today because there was a time that it was an honor to receive that prize but by giving it to the refinery it has absolutely no value anymore and to be honest I would not want it not even as a door stop!

The biggest polluter on the island is rewarded and now even more so since they announced that they are going to fix up a couple of churches for a couple of million guilders, and why? It’s a public relations stunt because 80% of the population is (on paper) catholic and they want their support and of course the bishop took the money with open arms but fails to say that a couple of times a year 3000 school kids of the same catholic schools downwind from the refinery are sent home sick because of the stink and filthy smoke of the refinery.
That same catholic church is sacrificing our children for a bag of money so they can fix up the churches, how hypocrite can you get?
SMOC showed them that they have a backbone, brass balls, by giving that prize back, that’s something a lot of our politicians can learn from.
If we take the case of Mrs. Wells and the weak position Mr. Ashes and Mr. Rosaria took, they gave the word coward a whole new meaning, because backbone does not appear in their vocabulary and it’s going to cost them a whole lot because all credibility has disappeared and Curacao is now known in Holland as the “fix it island” because everything can be fixed even the fraudulent C.V. of a minister.
And we have to win a war with these people? We scream that we want to be independent and that “Nos Mes Por” (we can do it ourselves) and want to send the “Makambas (the Dutch) back in body bags and are now asking the same Dutch to help because obviously we cannot do it ourselves and are asking the same Dutchies to help us push back our crime rate.

We can’t even tell the refinery to honor the requirements in their lease contract and that they have to adhere to the pollution rules that are normal all over the world.
We don’t dare to say anything because otherwise we can’t fly in their private plane to Cuba or get a lucrative cleaning contract with the refinery or will not get expensive Christmas gifts any more, so let’s take the 18 deaths a year as collateral damage and give them a Rayo DI Solo.
I keep laughing on this rock because this stunt is going to cost Radio Hoyer their neck because we all know that business is not great in the Radio World and now they’re going to lose more listeners and advertisers with this stupid move.

By: Arthur Donker


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