Published On: Fri, Jul 22nd, 2016

Popularity Contests

Jacob Gelt DekkerThe identities of conspirators who put out a rich murder contract on PS-political leader, Helmien Wiels, three years ago, will be made public before the upcoming parliamentary elections in September. Supposedly, the news breaking information came directly from the Prime Minister’s Office. It remained obscure whether the politician said, or meant, "could be," "should be" or " will be." The public should be considerate since the PM conducts his daily business in at least four languages.

But no matter what was said exactly, or meant, the people's perception was predominantly that the announcement by the PM, or his Office, was put out to solicit votes, to harvest political gain, votes for the Prime Minister and his party.

"The Trias Politica," often also referred to as "Separation of Powers," is a strict separation between three independent powers in a nation, Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary. Separation of Powers refers to the division of responsibilities into distinct branches to limit any one branch from exercising the core functions of another. The intent is to prevent the concentration of power and provide for Checks and Balances.

The separation of Government into three independent powers, Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary, was violated; the Executive, the PM's Office, was using the Judiciary for political gain. The Parliament, with its explicit function of controlling the Executive, remained quiet.

For a moment, the fragile Governmental system of Curacao collapsed, and Curacao had no longer three separate powers, no longer checks, and balances. With one little breaking news announcement, the People witnessed the fusion of Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary. Instantly, Curacao became a banana republic, where politicians can use and abuse the arbitrary power of whatever department, even for political gain, without sufficient checks and balances.

The news blackout about conspirators of the Wiels' murder, three years ago officially declared by the Public Prosecutor supposedly to help the investigation, became a vehicle for the PS-political re-election campaign.

More shocking than the incident itself were the discussions on social media, where people demonstrated their complete ignorance about the Trias Politica, even members of Parliament.

Do schools no longer teach political science??? Efforts were made to lower the voting age to 18, or soon even 16 years. Do not be surprised when the uneducated with a vote, believe that political elections are popularity contests, rather than voting for the moral and ethical framework of an entire society.

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