Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2013

Really…………don’t they have anything better to do? (must read)

man thinkingSometimes I ask myself if keeping busy is considered a separate study, because every day we are getting better at it every day, and we don't even talk about the puppet show around Wiel's death because that is the pinnacle.

The police says in a press release that they've had it and that from now on they will be acting and fining the Curgas trucks for driving around with their tailgates open.

They are allowed to drive with their tailgates open in the suburbs but not on roads outside the suburbs.

First thing that went through my mind was: "Don't they have anything better to do?"

On daily basis we have to deal with robbers that are becoming more and more aggressive, we have to deal with people that have made it a sport out of driving through a red traffic lights  because seemingly the traffic laws don't apply to them.

In the morning the road from Westpoint becomes a racetrack that makes Indy 500 look like child's play and drunk driving here has become so common that if a drunk gets into an accident they put  the following morning in the papers that he was tired and not drunk.

Some wise-ass thought that it would be cheaper if we changed license plates every five years instead of every year because we didn't have to make new ones every year, the result is that there is a rather large group of people that do not pay the road tax because there is no control and even when they are checking within 15 minutes the whole world knows where they are checking and which roads to avoid because they send a "Ping" or a "Wazzup" message telling people where the checkpoints are.

Years ago we had different color  license plates every year and one could see from miles away who had or had not paid the road tax by the color of the plate.

Nowadays you have to look for a sticker somewhere on the windshield to see if the tax was paid or not.

I'm curious to know how much the saving was by keeping the plates for five years or if it would have been cheaper to make new ones every year of a different color.

In the States the prisoners make the plates why not here? Those jokers don't do a damn thing except cursing, complaining and playing dominos all day long, so why not have them make a couple of plates, it improves their creativity.

If you want to commit suicide in Curacao you have to cross the street when the light is on red, success guaranteed!

I keep laughing on this rock because we are up to our eyeballs in criminality and the police is going to check open tailgates!!

Tomorrow they will be fining people for spitting chewing gum on the sidewalks!

Arthur Donker

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