Published On: Tue, Sep 20th, 2016

Right to reply to the speech of Mrs. Lucile George-Wout

governorAs Venezuelan, I manifest my indignation by the inappropriateness of the statements of Mrs Lucile George-Wout, in relation to the problems facing my country and the clear consequences these may have on the island of Curacao, given its proximity to Venezuela.

The statements of Mrs Governor show an absolute ignorance in the diplomatic field, in addition to my considering it particularly stigmatising.

Venezuela undoubtedly is passing through a difficult time and assuming that kind of position will not help any problem.

I suggest to Mrs Governor to leave the diplomatic affairs of Curaçao in the hands of Netherlands and study more deeply the history of her island, to discover  that Curaçao and Venezuela’s relationship is full of mutual cooperation in  economic, social and energy fields among others .

I respectfully remind Mrs Governor that one of the fathers of Venezuelan homeland was born in Curaçao the "great" Admiral Luis Brion.

By Paulo Gonzalez Castillo

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