Published On: Thu, Sep 8th, 2016

Sacrificing a few good men

Jacob Gelt DekkerDemonization used to be the reinterpretation by the Church of polytheistic deities as evil and lying demons.
Characterization as evil, of individuals, groups, or political bodies, is the new meaning of the word. Underdog sympathy, conspiracy theories and most of all, hatred and envy, often culminate in demonization. In recent history, lynching parties, the ultimate result of demonization, often left mutilated bodies of innocent victims strung up on tree branches.

Turkey's President Erdogan is the latest demon in the international political arena after he recovered from a brutal military coup and put a massive strain on suspects and culprits with ten thousands of arrests. The recently beloved leader, who brought great wealth and prosperity to his nation, became a hated dictator, put on the same level as the likes of Adolf Hitler.

Curacao does not stay behind in demonization, especially during this election month. President of the Central Bank, Dr. Emsley Tromp, was ousted after being painted by the media and political enemies as a manipulator, villain, and tax fraudster.

The Public Prosecutor also incarcerated banker, Eric Garcia of the failed Girobank. Supposedly he was hauled in for questioning and investigations into an old fraud and embezzlement case.

Elmer Kade Wilsoe, former Minister of Justice and Member of Parliament, had to resign his activities, implicated as he was by social media with real or faked leaked files of the Public Prosecutor's office in the murder conspiracy of the politician, Helmin Wiels.

Dos Santos, a prominent business person and convicted of fraud, and Jamaloodin, his half-brother and former Minister of Justice, were also implicated as murder conspirators.
Gerrit Schotte, a former Prime Minister, and also recently convicted of fraud and money laundering, remained frolicking in his election campaign pending his Appeal.

An announcement by Dr. Ben Whiteman, the present Prime Minister, stated that the names of all conspirators of the Wiels' murder would be made public before elections, turned Curacao's Public Prosecution's office into a political tool and the ongoing silence everyone into a suspect.

On Curacao demonization is in full force, a pure witch hunt, and it has all signs that the hysteria is leading up to a massive lynching party.

Organized crime, penetrated every branch of government on the island according to Dr. Nelson Navarro, the present Minister of Justice. In a state of law and order, suspects of a crime are brought in front of a Judge, and every man has the right to defend himself. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty by a Court of Law., and not by a lynching mob.

Gangsters are not out to bring anyone in front of a Judge; they applaud lynching mobs and demonization. Only that way they stay out of the limelight and extend their criminal reach. Sacrificing a few good men in the process is part of their game.

By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Opinion columnist for Curaçao Chronicle

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