Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2013


Arthur DonkerA friend of mine placed a message on Facebook saying that he was so glad that he got gas and that it was only a week ago that he ordered it.

Normally you can wait till you weigh an ounce and then another few months, and was really surprised that he had gas and that he didn’t have to break down the door at the Chinese take-out around the corner.

I don’t get it we have reached a point that when you get service the way it should be we are all surprised.

Somebody else put another message saying that within 10 minutes he was helped at Kranshi (Civil Registration Office) and that he was prepared for a long wait and had brought along a sandwich, a soda and a book to go camping there because that’s what he was used to.
Then you ask yourself why??

So it IS possible to give service so why was it such a mess before then? I once told the manager of one of the large hotels here that actually service is very simple, give somebody something he wants before he asks for it, but you can only do that if you have been in the customer’s place before.

It’s impossible to have somebody without table manners serve people in a 5 star restaurant. Teach them first to eat with knife and fork, give them preferably a 5 course dinner, serve them that, show them what they’re doing wrong and teach them the correct way before letting them loose on somebody that does know table manners. That you don’t call a napkin a tissue and that linen napkins are not for blowing your nose at the table.

Years ago Ms. Nydia Ecury wanted to start an etiquette program on tv with the intention to teach our children table manners, etiquette and politeness norms. She went to the minister of Education to see if he could help with the production costs and was denied because he did not see the importance of such a program. She went to Aruba and was welcomed with open arms an received all the cooperation she needed and the program was a success. A fish starts to rot at the head, if the service is bad don’t blame the person that gives the bad service but blame his supervisor, if the team plays badly you don’t fire the team, you fire the trainer.
I keep laughing on this rock because every time I order a cheeseburger at one of the large fastfood chains and they ask me if I want cheese with that I say no with a big smile on my face.

Arthur Donker

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