Published On: Tue, Nov 25th, 2014

Should Venezuela remain our best partner?

RefineryShould Venezuela remain our best partner, most trusted oil ally and collaborator? Should a country that rationed its diapers, from food lines for basic groceries, has one of the highest murder rates in the world and is deeply politically polarized keep our country hostage because their most profitable asset, one of the few money machines they have left happens to be a badly maintained leased refinery right in our harbor?

A refinery that does not produce enough permanent jobs per m², doesn’t add enough to our public treasury, pukes pollution 24/7 and causes 18 premature deaths a year amongst our population? Why? Who profits from this deal that holds our entire population, plus thousands and thousands Yu di Kòrsou outside Curaçao hostage?

Do we have to wait till Venezuela has bled us dry completely? What PDVSA pays for our most important natural resource (the St. Anna Bay) is a trifle. The earlier owner Dutch Shell refinery once produced over 30% of our GDP. Under Venezuela's PDVSA management she has dropped to a mere 5% of our economy. Who are we kidding?

When are we going to open our eyes, when are we going to realize that it is the Isla refinery that has our country in the poor state of our economy we are in and is pulling us down together with Venezuela. It is the refinery that keeps further economic, durable development in Curaçao hostage.

Close the refinery and build an alternative, any alternative that produces more per square meters than the lousy $3.33 per square meters PDVSA compensates us today. An alternative will put 15 times more people to work than the refinery ever will. Curaçao wake up, don’t take this anymore. We can do much better without a refinery.

By Andres Casimiri – GreenTown

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