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Students in Curacao petition for their rights, justice and fair treatment

Students in Curacao Petition For Their Rights, Justice and Fair Treatment via Letter to Member of Parliament; Eugene Cleopa and Minister of Health; Dr. Bernard Whiteman.

By Josefina Josepha
Twitter: @JosefinaJosepha

FUDOCU  OFFICIAL ORIGINAL SEAL JGood evening MP Mr. Eugene Cleopa, How are you? A belated merry christmas and a prosperous and happy new year to you, your family and governmental department, (Yes! I know it’s February, so let me add in a Happy Valentine’s Day; as well), wishing you the very best and that you accomplish all your political and personal goals and objectives. You’ve got my vote! Sir, on a serious note, my colleagues and I have a serious dilemma and for some it is a crisis. I am a student in my last year at Eligier Martier Class 4SPW Level 4.

In summary: My class (which has a total of about 50 students - Please see the petition: of about 60% disapproval rating), was informed yesterday by a student (whom was directed by an internship advisor), that we would have to take a Written Health Exam in place of the Rectal Exam, in order to do our internship, which is from Monday, March 2nd 2015 to Friday, April 24th 2015. However, today (February 5th 2015 at about 7:45am); Our Classroom Teacher; Mrs. De Rooi; explained that each of us needs to:

● Go to GGD on Monday (February 9th 2015), with our old Health Certificate record, and along with 50 Guilders to pay, and request to speak with Mrs. Kwidama or Mrs. Safedra,

● Then we need to explain to either of the ladies; that we are from Eligier Martier SBO; and then make a request for a letter of extension of the Health Certificate Record

● Also; we need to inform any of the two ladies aforementioned; at GGD, that the School Director; Mrs. J. A. Libier-Faulborn; and Mr. Leito had came to an agreement of issuing to us, the letter of extension of the Health Certificate Record.

However, the school director; today at about 10:45am; informed my classmate and I; personally, in a discussion about the Petition and the conditions involved to which; we the majority of the students at Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4; were not in agreement with the conditions aforementioned, and she informed me that they (the school) had just been informed about the change in protocol of the Rectal Examination in place for the Written Health Examination. She also said that there was nothing she can do about anything; because that is the Law and protocol of GGD. My classmate and I then went to Schoolbestuur (at about 11:15am) and spoke with a young lady that works there, and there I was informed the same thing without any difference that the school director had told me.

In resolution, we the class of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, by majority, hereby do not agree to do the Written Health Exam in this period under such conditions at mention:


1. Each of us needs to go to GGD until the 11th of February 2015 to pay the 50 Antillean Guilders to register our names to take the Written Health Examination and request for the letter of extension for the Health Certificate.

2. After which, we; the students of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, were informed, that we need to wait 1 week to return to GGD in order to collect the book needed to study for the Written Health Examination.

3. After which, we; the students of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, were informed, that we would have a some amount of time (it was not stipulated how much time), to study in order to take the Written Health Examination and,

4. Then, we; the students of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, would have to return back to GGD on the date that GGD would determine in order to sit the Written Health Examination. 5. Then, we; the students of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, would have to wait at least 1 month (30 days), according to The Classroom Teacher; in order to receive the results of the Written Health Examination.

Therefore; Be it hereby known that, We, The Class of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, by majority, hereby disagree with having to sit the examination to determine if “we know proper hygiene and safe healthy practices” compared to having a good and clean bill of health, and free from any communicable and infectious disease before our internship at the school, where there are children, children of special needs, adolescents and the elderly.

With this in consideration, I raise a point of clarification, since Dr. Whiteman, the minister of health, environment and nature was recently a guest speaker at the 2015 symposium on social medicine, wherein he discussed collaboration in the healthcare field and other presenters discuss about occupational health and less on occupational safety hazards, seem to be in judgement in one or the other perspective of the intern or the resident of the school, if only a written health examination is required. I do understand that everything in life cost something, so even though having a health exam conducted on each student via their own medical doctor for a health certificate would cost significantly less but that might mean it would be a few cents more that SVB would have to cover, but the additional advantage for those students whom would need it as they prepare to continue their education at a higher level in or outside the country, would be like hitting 2 birds with one stone compared to the greedy dog with a bone in his mouth looking into the smooth lake water wanting to snap at and try to take the bigger bone; that he sees as a reflection.

Therefore; Be it hereby known that, We, The Class of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, by majority, hereby request that if such payments be made for a written test of 50 ANG charged per student (and with there being approximately 50 students in 4SPW Level 4, this represents approximately 2,500 ANG in revenue generated from students having to sit a written health examination), then what is the 2,500 ANG (money) being used for? It is not being used for chemical reagents and assays to find out if future interns may be carrying some infectious or communicable disease, but apparently for individuals to invigilate an examination? Or to administer an examination? Or maybe to mark and grade an examination? Or maybe to cover the cost of the books and materials? As interns we the class of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, are not being paid any form of stipend or offered transportation reimbursement and furthermore we have to pay an additional; approximately 160 ANG in transportational cost during the intern; to attend the schools and work their within the mode as future and practicing social work and educational specialist in motivational therapy. Need I remind anyone; that we all in this class of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4 are all students and full time students at that, and I believe; if the laws were intended for such persons to pay that expense it was intended for full time or part time workers whom would eventually earn a salary that would offset the cost of 310 ANG. I am sure the forefathers and founders of these laws did not create these laws to create undue duress and stress for its citizens whom are students. Now for some students this doesn’t affect them that much or even at all, but maybe for many more of the students it affects them more; those whom are already on a tight budget.

In resolution, Mr. Cleopa; We, The Class of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4, by majority, hereby request your help and assistance in resolving this matter of:

● The cost of the examination, (as well as a reduction or at least 75% reduction or discount).

● The protocol as it is reflective of occupational health and safety to both the students of the class of Eligier Martier SBO 4SPW Level 4 as well as the residents of the school.

● The implementation of more viable methods to seek more and better consideration of scheduling in student school activities or better oversee and management of student school activities with respect to students.

MP Eugene Cleopa, from what I know of you, I understand you to be a man of distinction, transparency, diplomacy, an astute, intuitive and perspicacious public servant, a man that fights for the common good of all curasaleños whom have been unjust or deprived and most of all a man that passionately defends the freedom and liberty of the very constitution which you have sworn to uphold.Ifeel resolute now that with this in your more than capable and able hands, this matter shall and will be resolved, but not only for the good of my classmates and I, but for the entire schooling system of SBO, and I look forward to your communication in short. Thanking you in advance for all your help, consideration, time, energy and effort ( in reading this long letter (smiles)). Again, thanks and blessings to you and your household.

Sincerely and with the kindest regards;

J. Josepha

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