Published On: Mon, Jan 15th, 2018

The future of Curacao

Jacob Gelt DekkerFrom Emily Saïdy de Jongh-Elhage to Eugene Rhuggenaath, Curacao has not improved in ten years! All of them tried, nationalists, populists, communists, Castro-ists, Chavinists, but none were able to show any progress. The economy, the welfare and well-being are down the tube. Year after year we show economic shrinkage and decline.

The bottom line is simple; the people of Curacao reject competitive productivity: they are not ready to do their utmost best, and be better than the next island. The administration is totally corrupt, and organized crime has a 100% hold on the island.

The main business on the island  in now tourism, with 7,000 employees. The attributes are simple; special, service and security, SSS. Curacao has something special, but no service mentality, and no security. Crime rates as about 30 times worse than the civilized western world, U.S. and Europe. Go-on-vacation to Curacao, and the chances that you will be robbed, or murdered are 30-50  times that in Europe and U.S.

It is very sad. The government is in the position to make a chance, but obviously, government functionaries are so corrupted that they only pay lib-service to the cause, and block any real action. Not a single drug-baron, none of the 200 murderers, walking about freely, has been arrested over the last 10 years. Curacao looks the other way, has a blind eye, and is not ready to take action. Drug lords dictate what happens at the Forti-of-government.

The chances to attract any foreign investment for the refinery, for tourism, for off-shore financial services, for anything are zero. The chances to re-ignite the economy are zero; crime and abominable work ethics paralyze the economy and society; the people refuse to improve performance.

It is sad, frustrating and many more negatives, but what does the population do?? What are they ready to gear up and get anything done? Carnival is next.

No Nothing Economy???

By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Columnist for Curaçao Chronicle

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