Published On: Tue, Nov 5th, 2013

The homophobic Mrs. Raveneau

Arthur DonkerI have to laugh at Mrs. Raveneau, what a pathetic figure she is ! She was embarrassed by her own party, by Mr. Asjes, afterwards in the Dutch Parliament in Holland en now she’s trying to do it again!

Now she is saying that homosexuality blew over from Holland and says that Curacao has to stand behind the bible’s laws and that we do not have to accept the low morality of the Dutch and that  if the people say no, that since she cannot stop the Gay Pride Week next year, it  needs to be prevented from happening and that all those homos need to stay inside!

Now I don’t know if she took all her pills when she said these things, but according to me I don’t think she only lost a screw but a whole toolbox!

I think she’s quoting the wrong book, because the bible is bursting with homosexuality, pedophiles, slavery, incest, offerings of children, murder, you name it, Abraham screwed like there was no end to it and besides that, Adam had Eve and they had two kids, the question is where the hell do we all come from? Somebody must have been Happy Houring with Mammie! One Happy Family.

But if you still want to play the saint here is a good example of how the church thinks about the sins of the flesh.

During the Second World War, the American Navy was stationed here to protect the refinery and there was a lot of “partying” at all hours of the night in the center of Willemstad (Hanchi Punda, El Rancho Grande Bar, Seru Bonito, Hotel Washington) it was one big party, every night, all night long!

Of course it got out of hand and a decent, married woman could not walk through town without being offered money for a close encounter of the first kind.

Something needed to be done and the church leaders, the government and the board of directors of the Shell came together and decided to build a brothel in the outskirts of town to concentrate all the sex trade in one area and all the “social workers”  needed to register in order to work in the world’s oldest profession. And that is the same church with the same bible that Mrs. Raveneau is now waiving in everybody’s face.

I got bad news for Mrs. Raveneau, the Gay Parade Week next year is going to be twice as big as this year because there are several other hotels and business people that DO see profit in this target group because the spend well and everybody wants to make a profit so they can pay their employees who in turn can put some money in the collection bin in the same church with the same bible that mrs. Raveneau is waving around now.

I have to laugh because some time ago there was a radio personality that was also so homophobic and used to express his disgust every morning during his radio show till his son came “out of the closet” after that you never heard a peep from him again. These people don’t realize they are discriminating because Gay Pride was never started to celebrate being gay but from the right to exist without being persecuted. So instead of asking yourself why there is no “straight” movement just be glad that it’s not necessary.

I keep laughing on this rock because thank God I’m an atheist! (just playing with words)

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