Published On: Fri, Sep 28th, 2018

The Netherlands has blood on its hands

RefugeesIt seems strongly that the Netherlands knowingly participated in human rights violations. Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Relations has signed a document in Caracas in which the Netherlands intends to return 100% of the refugees arriving in Curacao to the Nicolás Maduro regime. Many of them have disappeared and even murdered. This is evident from a conversation with journalist Michel Spekkers who spoke with family members of victims in Venezuela.

To begin with, life in the socialist nation, just like life in all socialist nations, is terrible. No food, no work, hyperinflation and also political repression. More than 2.3 million Venezuelans have therefore fled their country. Also with rickety boats to Curaçao, where they are thrown into prison. The island does not see these people as refugees, but as illegal immigrants.

Due to an earlier blockade of these boats, the island, which is part of the Dutch kingdom, came to be without fresh fruit from the neighboring country. Minister Blok lifted that blockade after an agreement with the socialist dictatorship, promising to put every Venezuelan refugee back on the plane. Now it appears that some of these people have disappeared and may have been killed by the regime. That is how the Dutch government got blood on its hands.

So real refugees fleeing a neighboring country, which is Venezuela, we send back with danger for their lives, while economic refugees are welcomed with open arms on the mainland of the Netherlands. Something that cannot be explained either.

The Dutch Socialist Party has already announced it will come with parliamentary questions, because if this is true, both Minister Blok and Prime Minister Rutte have a very big problem.


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