Published On: Thu, Nov 28th, 2013

The principal of equality does not exist in Curacao

Arthur DonkerAccording to the law all citizens are equal, even though some bible waivers do not consider homos and lesbians as equals, but the first sentence in our constitution says that we are all equal regardless of race, color, religion, hair color or wig size.
That’s what I thought, later it turned out not to be true because if you see what happens here sometimes, you start thinking, why did we go through the effort to make laws.
Simple example, St. Tropez Beach Club, operates without a bar permit, a hotel permit, reclaimed land illegally, changed the coast line, you name it and the funny thing is minister Balborda knows this, DROV knows this, everybody know this, and nobody does anything about it. Why can they operate without the necessary permits and I have to go through all kinds of government offices to beg for the necessary permits, because that’s what you do here as a businessman, beg to please give the permits so I can start a business and can employ people and pay taxes.
You literally have to beg to get what you have the right to.
People steal whole streets downtown, everybody know that and nobody does anything about it, not the DROV, not minister Balborda, the government investigators, nobody!
But God forbid if I want to make shed to park my car in, I have to come up with a drawing, the measurements, pay a surveyor, write a dozen letters and beg to build the damn thing.
And the rest get away with murder!

They stopped me and gave me a fine for not wearing my seatbelt.
Taxi’s, AC buses, ABC buses drive thousands of people around daily, has anybody seen ONE person put on a seatbelt? Why do I get fined and these people don’t?
Have you noticed that along the Schottegatweg South when you come out of Albert Heyn you see all these new billboards along the road?
Why is there all of a sudden a tsunami of billboards along the roads? Because since 10-10-10 these jojo’s were too busy travelling around the world and had no time to change the sufferance rights from the Netherlands Antilles to the Country Curacao, with the result that everybody can put whatever they want along the road without permits or paying the rights, which is missed income for the country.
So put whatever billboard you want, nobody is going to bother you about it!
If your car has been stolen, (what is starting to be a common thing here) and you go to the police (only during office hours) to report the robbery, they hand you over a list of all the chop shops where they strip stolen cars so you can go look for it yourself and if by sheer luck you find your car they ask you to call them (if they pick up the phone) so they can go arrest the thieves.

And because of the economization in the police force they close the police stations early and keep office hours and minister Navarro says that it’s the organized crime that’s committing all the robberies and muggings as if it’s the organized crime syndicate that steals the denture of an 83 old lady .
Yes you have to belong to a crime syndicate in order to do that!
Sometimes I ask myself if these people, that supposedly have a higher education and have not “upgraded” their curriculum vitae like madam Wiels, really believe the crap they are saying publicly because sometimes they say so much b.s. that you want to call Capriles Clinic to come and pick them up.
And then to cry out loud that we don’t need Holland because “Nos Mes Por” (we can do it ourselves)
I keep laughing on this rock because every day when I drive through the dead palm tree lane I think we can’t even water these palm trees let alone rule this island in a normal way.
55 palm trees are gone and a most of these cushions (sleeping policemen) on the road are also gone again and nobody says anything or does anything because “Nos Mes Por” (we can do it ourselves) right? What a waste of money!

Arthur Donker

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