Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2015

The US should sanction all the ALBA satellite states as well, not just Venezuela

I read with interest on Caribbean News Now the latest US position with regard to Venezuela:

“WASHINGTON, USA -- The United States on Monday declared Venezuela a national security threat and ordered sanctions against seven officials, whose actions, the White House said, undermined democratic processes or institutions, had committed acts of violence or abuse of human rights, were involved in prohibiting or penalizing freedom of expression, or were government officials involved in public corruption.”

MaduroWe have been battling our Marxist leaders in the Caribbean for the last 15 years regarding getting into bed with the scum leadership in Venezuela. When Chavez came to SVG he gave a public speech from a platform in which he ranted and raved about the US and its president. Our leadership clapped, laughed and cheered the man.

The result of that Chavez speech went a long way in resulting with the medical school pulling out of SVG. The students complained about the insult by Chavez and encouraged by Gonsalves by his failure to censure Chavez bad talking the US and its president. They wrote letters to Gonsalves and the newspapers. Very rapidly thereafter, they were gone.

ALBA, which we were taken into without being asked, or even told about, is simply a powerhouse of communism. The ULP never announced joining or even negotiating in their pre-election manifestos; we were simply kept in the dark. To the extent that the people had no choice but to accept that we had joined and that was that. The joining of ALBA was not like joining CARICOM or the OECS. ALBA is a political organization that has as part of its policy to promote communism in all the member states. It’s an organization that wants to nationalize every aspect of our lives. So serious is the matter of joining ALBA that joining should have been put to the people in a referendum.

As a small exercise you should all re-read these from 2012 and 2013:

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Also copy this text into your search engine: Gonsalves supports Maduro amidst mass anti-government protests in Venezuela

The Americans should perhaps reconsider removing sanctions against Cuba, after this appeared in the Cuban Press:

Havana, Mar 10 2015 (Prensa Latina) The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, congratulated Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, for his speech yesterday night in response to the sanctions imposed by the United States against the government of that Latin American state.

I actually discussed this with an American friend today who told me that what the Castro’s say in public and what they say to the Americans in current meetings are two different things.

The Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro presented Tuesday to the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) an enabling law to “preserve the peace of the country” and develop an “anti-imperialist law” that prepares Venezuela “for all scenarios”.

This is a law with which he will try and bludgeon the US, and be able to imprison Venezuelans just because someone points a finger at them, they will be labeled imperialist supporters and benefactors, straight to jail for all the opposition parties. Of course that’s nothing new; half the Venezuelan opposition party member are already political prisoners, suffering bad conditions and torture.

The move by the Venezuelan parliament is part of an anti-imperialist offensive by the State Council, the Military High Command and Vice-Government Council denouncing “diplomatically and politically in all instances what they describe as this US aggression and demand the international theatre to recognize the illegality of this decree.”

So instead of facing off the Americans, the Maduro regime has chosen to further punish the Venezuelan people.

I hope the Americans place more restrictions on Venezuela, I also hope they consider making sanctions against Caribbean governments and politicians who support the current Venezuelan regime.

In particular, I would support such restrictions against the regime leaders of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Why? Because there are a lot of nasty things that I would describe as unfinished business:

1. The failure of PM Gonsalves appearing before a court to answer all the allegations of sexual assault and rape.

2. The big bag of money that contained US$1 million in cash that was hawked around Kingstown and is well documented online and in newspapers.

3. The ULP members and families and friends who took bundles of US cash to the NCB bank.

4. The unsatisfactory explanation about the Iranian who has been money laundering in the Caribbean for the Iranian government, whilst identifying himself as a Vincentian citizen.

5. The unsatisfactory explanation regarding the destruction by burning of hundreds of unissued Vincentian passports.

6. The clear breach of human rights, taking land from a 150 people to build the Argyle Airport, and seven years later they still have not been paid.

7. Human rights issues committed against people like Sir James Mitchell, Marcus De Freitus, Randolph Toussaint, Leon Samuel, and many others.

8. The wealth that some members of parliament now have in the way of several houses, several cars, several women, several children. The from rags to riches in 11 years syndrome.

9. The Diplomatic passport given to a Canadian Vincentian man called Morgan, who was not a diplomat, never worked for the government or any government owned organization. The man was caught at London airport using that very same Vincentian diplomatic passport whilst carrying a kilo of cocaine.

10. A public statement is required about the US$48 million held in HSBC Swiss branch; that information is available to the present SVG regime, but they remain quiet on the matter.

The support for ALBA has made most of the members little more than satellite countries to Venezuela. As members of ALBA we are also expected to vote at the UN in support for Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, and all what I would describe as the nasty states.

I am pleased to see that the Americans started on the Caribbean prime ministers when they recently removed the right of Denzil Douglas to travel to the US, by withdrawing his diplomatic visa.

That’s one down and the rest to go.

By Peter Binose

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