Published On: Tue, Apr 12th, 2016

To all members of the Dive Task Force / Water sports operators

Arthur DonkerDear friends,

As you all may know I have been fighting for years now against the Isla and the PDVSA regarding all air- and water pollution.
Recently all the environmental groups combined forces and will come out in the future as one big group.
I have joined this group as one of the inhabitants that suffers a lot from the air pollution of the Isla in order to give my support, as little as it may be.
I have worked the largest part of my life in the tourist industry and travelled all over the world to visit the most important trade shows in order to promote Curaçao and also brought large incentive groups to the island.
I was also the big promoter behind the Insulinde and the Bounty when they started out here and am glad that the Kokomo Crew took over the Insulinde for it has always been icon regarding trips to Klein Curaçao and has become a landmark in Curaçao.

What the Isla is doing now, seeing the monthly reports SMOC is publishing about the poisonous gasses, is simply absurd and shows absolutely no respect for our island or its inhabitants.
Not only air pollution but also water pollution and I don’t have to remind you of the environmental disaster that forever ruined the salt flats of Jan Kok, breeding site of the flamingoes and all the oil on the beaches on our south coast because of the change in wind direction and for them to come with a lame excuse that the oil was from a tanker that went by, while aerial photos of Bea Moedt clearly showed that the oil was coming out of the harbor.

Since the government is protecting PDVSA, rest us as inhabitants of Curaçao and the people depending on tourism nothing else but to send a message together to the government who will surely listen to since we are in an election year because
there are more people working in tourism than there are at the Isla refinery and because of the fact that the tourist sector does pay income taxes and the PDVSA does not!

The pollution and the damage the Isla causes to our underwater world is becoming worse every day and at the expense of, not only the dive operators, but also all the other water sport developments on the island because they are all located on the south coast of the island where the most pollution can be found.

May 28th we, all the environmental groups together, are planning a demonstration in the Wilhelmina Park to show our concern and disgust regarding PDVSA and the Isla and to force the government to take action against the Isla for the air and water pollution.

Together we are strong and can accomplish a lot more and it is in all our own interest that you as dive or water sport operator participate because you also depend on clean water and to promote Curaçao as a dive and water sport destination.

I hope that you will participate in this demonstration and the suggestion is that you all come with the red/white dive flag so that they can see that the dive and water sport operators are also supporting this fight.
The more pressure we put on the government the sooner they will take decisions.
I really hope that you will all respond to this call and hope to meet you all personally the 28th.

With kind regards

Arthur Donker

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