Published On: Mon, Jan 5th, 2015

To do list for the government

todoWe often complain that the Government and Parliament are doing what THEY think is good for the country. But is that fair? Every 4 years we elect leaders, but do we ever tell them what they have to do? We leave it up to them. NO, I would like someone I voted for to do the things I think will make the country better, safer healthier. I didn’t vote for him/her to do things as they see fit.

Therefore, we should make them a “To Do List” so they can make our lives more pleasant, healthier and safer. If they can’t, we should have a way to fire them from their post.

I suggest we start a citizens’ watch and give them power over the “To Do List”. For every breach or noncompliance Ministers and top government officials should get written notice, be fined (which has to be paid out of their own pockets) and if they still can’t deliver be fired.

Think out of the box. Let’s come up with ways to make government work for us, and not have us work to keep them in power, get fat salaries, don't show up in meetings and award them a pension. Party time is over. Shape up or ship out! Enough is enough. Tabastaawor!

Call it Power back to the People, Participating democracy or whatever you like. I suggest to nominate our own experts on Education, Health, Security, Environment, Safety, National Heritage and Public Affairs as our FOURTH power in government and start an action on Facebook. The group we select should be our soundboard and watch as a strict authoritarian over the Government and Parliament.

Believe me, pressure from Facebook and other media will keep them straight.

Andrés F. Casimiri 
Concerned Citizen

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