Published On: Tue, Jul 9th, 2013

To illustrate what freedom is under the Dutch Kingdom – His last wish

Curacao roadHe is 85 years old and a few months ago he was diagnosed with cancer. We talk regularly with each other over the phone and he talks constantly about to see me once again. He's been with us on vacation five years ago and that was the last time we saw each other. The last flight almost killed him. He went back and had several operations. "Once I’ll come back to you" was his wish but we did not dare him to make the 10 hour flight.

He is my father and I cannot see him. He lives in the Netherlands and I in Curacao. There is one little problem. By writing many critical books, identifying and reporting corrupt business as well, I'm not really a beloved citizen of Curaçao. The fight against child suffering and corruption has been led that I was put under wardship by the national security about 2 years ago. That happened after I had visited the then Governor to report a very delicate matter. The result was that we were bugged and in no time I was put into wardship. A few months later the Governor retired.

I cannot visit my father because there is a lot at stake as soon as I pass the immigration of this island. By the section of the town hall (kranshi), by the security and immigration, but also by the politicians I am recorded as "undesirable". I may leave the island but cannot return to my island where I live for over 33 years. I shall not return to my wife, my animals and our "knoek" (garden). Those I love so much.

Life is strange. Being honest and acting fair and square has been punished in this society for some time. But I can tell you that today's society is so screwed up and that they will do everything to make a lifetime impossible, if that person, according to them, does not fit into the current corrupt structure.
In the situation which is going on now, it is clear that there is no choice and sadly I will never be allowed to embrace my father.

John H Baselmans

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