Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2014

To the Consul General of Venezuela in Aruba

Arthur DonkerI wrote this in 2007 after the Venezuelan Consul in Aruba wrote in the Amigoe that the rumors that there was no freedom of speech in Venezuela were ridiculous and not true.
Ms. Zulay Prieto de Rodriguez
Consul General of Venezuela in Aruba.

Dear Ms. Prieto de Rodriguez,

First of all I have to say that I am sorry that I cannot react in Spanish being that my Spanish is not my strongest point, but since English is universally accepted as being the diplomatic language I will react to your letter to the editor in the Amigoe of June 15th in English.

I have to say that if it was not for my Venezuelan mother and my proud father that so adored the Venezuelan heroes and for a very long time was the secretary of the Sociedad Bolivariana in Curacao, who proudly carried the highest Venezuelan decorations, would turn in his grave upon knowing what was happening to his adopted fatherland these days.

Presidents, high ranking military officials, t.v. personalities and well known writers like Bethancourt, Otolina, Larazabal, Lusinchi, Andres Perez, Prieto were often guests at our house and we're always honored every time my father visited Venezuela.

A country that once stood so proudly when they played the National Anthem goes bent down as beaten slaves to the powerful, so called democracy where one does not even dare to speak one’s mind out of fear of repercussions by the so called “Masked Unknowns” who everybody can point out but who will never be prosecuted because the judicial system has been bought and sold by higher and darker forces.

A judicial system that starts to look like a Cuban soap opera and that gains its power through the Petro dollars.
Blaming all its misfortunes and mismanagement on the “Capitalist” and “Paranoid” forces that according to your “ Presidente”are always conspiring against this beautiful and paradise like euphoria called the Bolivariana State of Venezuela.

Simon Bolivar himself would turn in his grave upon seeing what is happening in his once beautiful dream he sacrificed his life for.

This president you so much carry upon your shoulders could not stand in the shadow of the so great Simon Bolivar and could not even kiss his boots because of the shame and misfortune he brought to this beautiful country.

Out of fear of the truth being told they closed the only impartial voice that Venezuela had the RCTV under the pretenses of revoking their license.
A television station that for 53 years had brought the Venezuelans the undiluted truth, but because it did not fit the higher force's agenda had to be shut down, in order to fit the socialist regime where nobody has a voice, but the “Master” with his usual Sunday preachings of happiness and artificial well being for the poor and the dumb.

You are lucky that you are living in Aruba where freedom of speech, is still respected and anyone can criticize the government at any time.
It seems that in Venezuela that is not possible without repercussions.

So as a sign of protest I want to turn in my Venezuelan passport and would like you very much to tell me where and when you want me to sign the necessary documents in order to show my shame and disgust for this so called socialist paradise you and your regime want to create.

Respectfully yours

Arthur Donker
Mons. Kieckensweg 21
Netherland Antilles

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