Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014

We are so ungrateful

Arthur DonkerUSA Today, one of the largest and most influential newspapers in the States, made a list of the 10 most historic hotels in the Caribbean and nominated Hotel Kura Hulanda as one of the 10.

People do not realize how important this is for our rock here, how much marketing value this nomination carries for the tourism industry.

When we got on Unesco’s World Heritage list, everybody was jumping up and down with joy and we're proud to announce it all over the world that we were on the list only to almost lose the nomination for lack of upkeep on the same historical buildings like the old police station on Molenplein that is slowly becoming a shooting gallery for junkies.

Today Kura Hulanda is one of the 10 most historic hotels in the Caribbean and we don’t hear not one beep from NOBODY, not even minister Palm, who God knows where he is today because he’s been traveling a lot these days and has started to develop a taste for it, nothing from CTB, nothing from DMO or VBC or the association of shopkeepers in Otrobanda. Nada Nada!!!

Why? It is because our people don’t know the value of such a nomination and because we work without a vision. We are always running after the facts and react when it’s too late.

But as long as we work with amateurs you can’t expect the final product to be on a professional level.

Jacob Gelt Dekker restored a large part of decaying Otrobanda and has put a product there that is recognized all over the world, except here, and nobody cares or is interested and we keep calling ourselves Dushi Hende (beautiful people)!

In spite of all counteraction and negativism in the beginning, Jacob knew how to keep on pushing and put a beauty of a hotel there that gives work to a lot of people that otherwise would be sitting under a tree somewhere doing nothing.

I keep laughing on this rock because we still think that sea, sand and sun sells and that the tourist will keep coming  automatically because we are like racehorses with the blinders on and can only see straight ahead while being sideswiped by a bus that we don’t see coming.

Jacob, thank you for your input, your determination, your vision and a heartfelt congratulation with the nomination of Kura Hulanda as one of the 10 most historic hotels in the Caribbean, you can be proud of your achievement!

By Arthur Donker

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