Published On: Mon, Jan 19th, 2015

What happened?

Jacob Gelt DekkerQ.: Why did Europe get 20 million Muslim immigrants?

A.: The ‘ 60-70’s Flower-power revolution in Europe did away with many central structures in the society. For instance, in the male-dominated work force, man was central and woman were marginalized with lower pay and only secondary jobs, so the male, as a central structure, had to leave. Christianity as religion was central and other religions like Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and atheists were pushed to the outside; Christianity had to yield. The family-unit with man-wife and children was the cornerstone of the society and therefore alternative live styles were limited to freak shows on the very out skirt. So a struggle ensued till same-sex-marriage got equal rights.

Centers, it was argued, attempted to exclude, ignore, repress or marginalize others, and the room to play for marginalized minorities was fixed with discriminatory laws, rules and social limitations. Centers as social structures had to be eliminated. Europe, led by France, turned into an open society for all, irrespective of faith, race, origin, sexual preference etc.

Europe opened its door for all those who wanted to join. Therefore, today, Europe has twenty million Muslims immigrants, in search of a better economic future. Many had no notion of the deconstructing European society of formal central values.

Q.: Why did so many second generation, Muslim dropouts become radicalized and joined ISIS and other terror organizations?

A.: The first generation of Muslim immigrants happily took unskilled manual labor and factory jobs, which Europeans were no longer ready to fill. But over time things changed. In the 80’s and 90’s manufacturing moved away from Europe to Asia. Europe in turn, developed new, highly sophisticated opportunities, which required extensive training and, most of all, the use of problem-solving-skills.

While the first generation of unskilled labor retired, many young Muslims of the second generation took advantage of the Europe’s education opportunities and developed successful careers in the new economy. Unfortunately, there were also Muslim children, especially those of very unassimilated parents with rural backgrounds, who were educated in the traditional, dogmatic Islamic fashion of recitation, and who never required the much-needed problem-solving-skills. These kids never got jobs and became the infamous dropouts.

With the economic and financial crisis of the last six years, these dropouts became even more disenfranchised and isolated. So when the Iraq-Syria civil war battlefields opened up participation for radical, simplistic, ruthless mercenaries, a grand opportunity beckoned. What could be more fun than to get a license-to-kill as angry young men, kill ruthlessly, without control, boundlessly and receive pay, sex and recognition?

Mostly through video games, even these kids had met the legendary assassin, Hassan-I Sabbā (1050s–1124) the Nizārī Ismā’īlī in the mountain fortress of Alamut. For more than a thousand years, Hassan and his warriors gained eternal fame as the mighty Hashshashin, or "Assassins".

Even as canon-flesh, as disposable pawns, their worthless lives in suburban grey slums of unemployment suddenly got more attention and glory than they could ever dream of.

The rest we all know.

These kids will be a nuisance to our society till the day they die the glorified death they are dreaming of.

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