Published On: Tue, May 7th, 2013

Who did it??

Jacob Gelt DekkerWas it a hired assassin who killed politician Helmin Wiels or a duo with a grudge? Was it politically or otherwise motivated, like revenge, “crime passionel” or ordered execution by the criminal underworld ? Was 5-5-5--- May 5th at 5 o’clock pm with 5 bullets--- a 10-10-10- joke with a strong hidden political message?
Curacao has an avalanche of questions, one thing is only certain, the harsh often random and according to many often undeserved criticism of a political leader will no longer echo through the airways. He was silenced and there is no successor in sight.
Murders have but one objective, to change the expected course of the fore seeable future.
According to killers’ logic, life will be unbearable as long as their victim is alive, so elimination is the only option. Social media offered many scenarios for the murders, often outrageous and extreme. Herewith a short summary of the most sensible onces.

Scenario 1.
The life of killers would be dramatically changed if their victim had stayed alive. Somehow the victim was about to reveal information or commit certain acts that would have effected conspirators existence dramatically. So eliminating that threat was a logical action from their perspective . Therefore a thorough understanding of the motive will inevitably lead to those who ordered the killing.
Apparently the assassination must have taken ample time of preparation in order to be executed in such a fast, efficient and effective way.

A few considerations:
- Finding, recruiting and rewarding willing, gullible, eager and reliable professional hit men must have taken a considerable amount of time and careful maneuvering. Going to the Yellow Pages or advertising on eBay does not get you a bunch of professional killers.
- Studying the victim’s ways and habits required insiders’ knowledge and cooperation. Infiltration into the victim’s inner circle, eavesdropping, monitoring, valuing and digesting usable information must have been tedious, very time consuming and highly suspicious to the victim’s protection and body guards. An information leak in the victim’s immediate surroundings was a must.
- Obtaining weapons and a get-away car, setting up temporary hide outs and safe places as a fall back position and eventually vast , instant escape routes to the mainland with passports, visa, airline tickets, private planes or vast boats etc.. required extensive and lengthy preparations .
- Since the victim was a well know politician, a public outcry and full scale investigation was inevitable and had to be anticipated . The offenders must have had access to extensive sophistication in every way and fashion, large amounts of cash money, cover-ups and abilities to stick it out for at least the initial period of weeks or even months. In case of an international manhunt, it could even take years.
In a small community like Curacao planning effort, preparatory action and suspicious behavior cannot go unnoticed since it involved a large number of people. It requires a well-organized team of accomplishes, a gang, and access to large amounts of untraceable cash.

Note: A reward by public prosecutors as incentive could entice minor players of the conspiring network to come forward and spill the beans. Crowd sourcing by investigators is inevitably the means with the greatest efficacy.
Scenario 2.
The motive was revenge with an attitude of “no matter what happens next.”
Revenge stemming from a soured personal or professional relationship, love affair or from political idealism are rare but do happen.
Such offenders have one weakness, they like to witness their revenge, do not remove themselves from the scene and relish in their success . Almost without exception they brag about their ‘heroic’ deed sooner or later, the story is just too large not to be shared. As soon as public attention ebbs away, such offenders yearn for new attention and make blatant mistakes that will inevitably expose them.

Presently , the general public believes in a complex conspiracy by the lottery mafia of the Caribbean like scenario 1. The most frequently heard motive is that last week Wiels was about to disclose names of lottery fraudsters.
Of course that could have played a role but only as a trigger incident. The lead time of preparation to commit this execution was far too long to make fraud accusation the one and only underlying cause.
My theory is that a lengthy, slow growing conflict caused and created the assassination conspiracy. The most likely offenders should be identified in circles where all the before mentioned ingredients are readily available. Thus the offenders can easily be found by closely studying Wiels’ long time relationships especially those that soured over time.

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