Published On: Mon, Aug 18th, 2014

Why Dutch rulers want to impose sanction law against Curaçao

oil refineryUS Senator John McCain recently told the press: "European sanctions on Russia are 'a joke', "It's a joke and they will do nothing! They will continue to do nothing until the day they (EU) become independent of Russian energy”!

This statement by the influential US Senator John McCain in regards to the sanction imposed against the Russian, and the dependence of European countries to Russian gas and Oil, are indicative of the Dutch rulers motives to interfere and recolonize the Dutch Caribbean Islands!

Now you understand why Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans wants to impose on Curacao an involuntary acceptance of any EU sanctions against any country? For the Dutch it can become a horrible nightmare to allow Russian Mega Oil Companies, such as Gazprom, become owners or even operators of the Curacao Isla Refinery! It will simply not fit in their foreign policy to become dependent of Russian Energy, as suggested by Senator McCain!

Recently a Dutch Politician Alexander Pechthold, proclaimed that the findings of Oil and Gas reserves in territorial waters of the Dutch Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) would mean a new "World Economy". What Pechthold really meant was that if Dutch rulers control the Dutch Caribbean Islands, they will automatically control Gas and Oil reserves found in the territorial waters of the ABC Islands! Means INDEPENDENCE of Russian Energy!

Consequently you can expect Dutch rulers to do everything in their means, including illegal actions, to control and recolonize the islands in order to avoid Russian companies to acquire any interest in the Curacao Isla Refinery! Obviously an acceptance by Curacao of the sanctions against Russia will do the job!

Case in point, they used Dutch born, Curacao Prime Minister, Ivar Asjes (probably against a future diplomatic job) to induce his “Pueblo Soberano” colleagues in Curacao parliament, to accept amendments in the so called ”Sanction Law”, in which Curacao automatically accepts any sanction imposed by European Union! Acceptance of these amendments basically means that Curacao automatically has to oblige with EU sanctions against Russia!

This will jeopardize any possible interest by Russian Oil Companies to invest in the upgrading and modernization of the in Curacao Isla Refinery. Fact of the matter is that if Curacao’s RDK Group (owner) and PDVSA (Operator) does not find a third partner, in the next few months, to invest approximately 1.5 billion dollars in the Isla Refinery, this will result in a disastrous impact on the Island’s economy!

Therefore any interference of Dutch rulers, in the constitutional right of the islands, to decide by themselves, if there are reasons (Terrorism or human right violation) to comply with any EU sanctions or not, must be rejected with all force!

By Jorge Sulbaran

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