Published On: Thu, Feb 25th, 2016


Jacob Gelt DekkerTens of thousands Europeans and Asians migrated to the war theatre of Syria and Iraq in the Middle East. Upon arrival, they surrendered their lives to IS, became instant “Slaves to Allah,” Abd-Allah, and pledged allegiance to IS– leader, Abu-Bakir.

From that moment on, every aspect of their lives was regulated by the most literal interpretation of the Quran, subject to IS-imams and authority. IS is the most totalitarian and absolute form of Islam we know. When a commander tells the newly enlisted to kill, he kills, to decapitate, he decapitates, and to commit suicide as living bomb, he blows up himself.

It is remarkable that so many children of Europa, the center of Enlightenment for hundreds of years, prefer to surrender all personal discretion and freedom of choice and will to a religiously inspired fundamentalist authority, and become slaves.

In general, adherence to any religion goes with the adoption of moral authority that supposedly has complete knowledge of an immutable truth, chiseled in stone. Outside the religious moral authority, everything becomes a lie.

Over the period of Enlightenment in Europe, the power of religion faded. Fascism, socialism and communism tried to replace religious values with new forms of secular totalitarianism, but they failed. People continued replacing totalitarian authorities by ever increasing personal discretion and secularism. We in the West, proudly identify it as freedom.

Millions from all over the world migrated to the centers of freedom, especially the United States of America, which had sprouted up, as an independent immigrant nation, from thirteen European colonies.

Many prospered in their newly found freedoms, which they eagerly translated into successful endeavors in business and science, and personal indulgences in consumerism. Every step of the way, Free-World participants were held to value judgments and decisions. Some good and some bad choices were made, but ultimately, thus, the greatest wealth in the history of mankind was created.

How come today, tens of thousands, often second or third generation of those migrants who were once seeking pursuit of freedom and happiness, now eagerly embrace religious moral authority and totalitarianism? How come the free are seeking a life of slavery? How come "pursuit of happiness," is so easily exchanged for a certain and imminent death?

Some argued that poverty and inadequate education was to blame. Maybe so, but many of the warriors are not poor and are highly educated. Many traveled extensively and experienced the pleasures of freedom. So why are they surrendering their lives to brutal, ruthless authority?

Only in the answer to this question lies the solution.

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