Published On: Sat, Sep 8th, 2012

Aqualectra wants solutions, media focuses on problems

WILLEMSTAD - Darick Jonis, Aqualectra director, through his letter to the Ministry of Finance reported not only the unhealthy financial situation of the company, but suggested also solutions for capital improvement. Mr. Jonis believes that the media pays too much attention to the bad position and is undervaluing the solutions.

The utility company has a turnaround plan designed to come out of the slump, according to reports from Radio Hoyer 2.

When Jonis he took over the reins of the company, he was aware of the bad situation, yet he chose to stay because he believes that the company will be healthy. If he does not believe in it, he would immediately resign. Jonis didn’t want his letter cause panic, but this was purely informational purposes following a request from the Committee for Financial Supervision (CFT). Jonis is of the opinion that the media took the letter out of context.

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