Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Cooperation protocol BTP-FTAC

BTP-FTAC-cooperation-Franklin-SluisWILLEMSTAD - Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BT & P) and the Fair Trade Authority Curaçao (FTAC), both supervisory authorities In Curaçao, have made agreements in a cooperation protocol about the way in which they can share information and knowledge in the execution of their activities.

On the grounds of the National Ordinance on Competition, the FTAC has been established to supervise the rules for free and undistorted competition in all economic sectors of Curaçao and to enforce these if necessary. The FTAC acts against companies that prevent, restrict or distort competition. The new rules of the National Ordinance on Competition apply since September 1, 2017.

The BT & P was established in 1996 for the implementation of various regulatory tasks, including supervision, in the area of telecommunication. Since then, BT & P's range of duties has been expanded to include regulatory and supervisory activities in the field of postal services, the energy sectors and regulated airport charges. A further expansion of the tasks is currently under discussion, including the economic regulation of the health care sector in Curaçao.

Although the tasks and powers of FTAC and BT & P vary widely, it is important to prevent inconsistencies in the exercise of these tasks and powers in common sectors. In addition, the exchange of knowledge and information, of course, insofar as legally permitted, can also benefit efficiency and the effectiveness of both supervisors. Chairman Alberto 'Chos' Romero of the FTAC: "Cooperation with other regulators is of great importance to the FTAC. By sharing signals and information, we can make supervision more effective. "

With the establishment of the FTAC, the regulators have come into contact with this, which has now led to the signing of a cooperation protocol. Agreements have been laid down in the cooperation protocol about, among other things, periodic consultation and the manner of acting if there is a possible overlap in the performance of the tasks and powers.

The cooperation protocol will be placed on the websites of both regulators.

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