Published On: Wed, Jul 6th, 2016

CX Pay contributing to emergence of e-Commerce in Curaçao

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - During the past months various local merchants like Divi Divi Air, Out of the Blue have signed up with CX Pay and have started accepting online payments. The convenience of the services offered by CX Pay benefits entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds, since more so than just economics, e-Commerce contributes to operational efficiencies but most importantly to an improved customer experience and more security due to less cash transactions. Examples are Annabelle Design who sells cosmetics or Thelma & Louise who uses the solution for both book (Wild Cooking) sales and online payment/registration of cooking seminars. Angiola Ricci also recently started offering her exclusive sandals and accessories online, while EcoCity (CurAloe) uses CX Pay for their wholesale export payments. And in the trend of e-Commerce emergence, Stampwallet has also on boarded with CX Pay to have it’s merchants be able to pay the recurring monthly charge of it’s app.

Until recently, one of the challenges for local businesses and entrepreneurs was the lack of easy access to a payment solution. Merchants often times had to look for solutions abroad via international payment providers but encountered difficulties in meeting the requirements. For example, businesses are required to setup a foreign structure and open a foreign bank account in order to have access to a merchant account with an international payment provider. This brings added cost and liability to the merchant and not to mention foreign exchange being kept outside of Curaçao.

CX PAY B.V. is the first and only independent local payment gateway in Curaçao for merchant transactions, offering global card processing solutions to the local and international e-Commerce industry. CX Pay who works with both SFT Bank and MCB as acquiring partners, is an affordable and secure payments processing platform offering global card processing services and other advanced payment systems to the local and international e-Commerce and m-Commerce industry. Through its partnership with MCB, CX Pay has been certified for 3DSecure transactions and is currently also servicing the other Dutch Caribbean islands.

CX Pay provides a protected environment against fraud by using the highest level of secure transaction infrastructure while creating a simple local buying experience. For more info visit:,, LinkedIn: cxpay, or email to:


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