Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2012

DAE increasing in passengers and services

WILLEMSTAD – DAE is showing an increase in passengers, services and better performance month after month. The total passengers if compared the months May to October 2012, DAE has grown by 49%. The difference between September and October is also an increase of 7%. The on time performance has shown and improvement of 10% if you compare September and October.

The amounts of flights operated in September and October has also seen an increase of 16%. All indicates that the month of November will see another record for the airline company.

Thirty day forecast
Caracas: The Caracas flight shows a 76% of tickets already sold for the month of November.
Valencia: 97% of seats already sold for the month of November.
Maracaibo: 100% sold.

DAE has requested additional flights for the months of November, December and January and is contemplating sending the MD-83 to Valencia and Maracaibo which is a 50% increase of seats offered on those flights.

Miami: The morning flight is another one of DAE’s great success. 92% of seats on the 11:30 am flight have already been sold. 65% of the second flight is sold. This flight leaves at 9 pm and has a frequency of 3 times a week. Because of the high demand, on December 7, 2012 DAE will operate this flight daily to accommodate the demands.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: this flight is showing a 65% seats sold.

The Paramaribo, Suriname flight is showing a promising start. Negotiations are taking place with tour operators in Miami for group travels to Paramaribo. This destination is seeing strong bookings with only one week of sales.

DAE is forecasting a better than 10% growth in November. It will be close to 20% increase compared to October. All indications shows the increase because of the amount of seats in the market and new destinations.

DAE is actively looking to increase the job opportunities for pilots, flight attendants, passenger’s handling agents and ramp/aircraft handling personnel. It’s good to note that since the new management the company has seen growth in all indicators. The company has grown from October 2011 to October 2012 with 50%.

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