Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2012

Dutch parliament agrees on CFT

THE HAGUE - The financial problems of Curaçao have ensured a remarkably large consensus in the Dutch parliament.

The motion presented by the member of the Dutch parliament for V.V.D., Andre Bosman in which he proposes for the Financial Supervision Committee (CFT) to take the risks of public companies much heavier into account in the assessment of the national budget, was unanimously adopted. That all opposites represented in the Chamber so wholeheartedly agree with each other says something about the feeling that the Netherlands has on the financial situation of Curacao after two years Cabinet Schotte.

The parliament fractions were shocked by the, until recently, hidden negative equity (450 million guilders) of the public companies.

The Dutch Parliament does not consider it inconceivable that the government will have to help, in the near future, with tens of millions to cover the heavily loss-making public companies and thus keep the service to citizens afloat.

The motion presented by Bosman was the only one of the eight motions on the 2013 budget for Kingdom Relations which was adopted. The PVV received no support for its four motions for Curacao to leave the Kingdom, the Governor to press charges against PS-leader Helmin Wiels for sedition, to claim back the funds used to pay off Curacao’s debt and to send Curacaoans who committed criminal offenses back to Curacao.

Insufficient support was also given to Wassila Hachchi’s motion (D66) which proposed to reserve extra funds for law enforcement and justice in Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten. They only got support from Groenlinks, 50PLUS and the Party for the Animals.

The motion submitted by Hachchi and Madeleine Toorenburg (CDA) proposed that the Dutch government should strengthen efforts for cooperation between the countries within the Kingdom, however the motion did not make it, not even with the support of Groenlinks, ChristenUnie, SGP, 50PLUS and the Party for the Animals.

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