Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2012

El Hakim discusses commercial ties with Sao Paulo

WILLEMSTAD — Outgoing minister of Economic Development, Abdul Nasser El Hakim (MFK) had a meeting on  “Curaçao is very attractive for Brazilian companies wishing to expand internationally”, said El Hakim. “Our country has direct connections with Latin America, the US and Europe. Müller was pleasantly surprised to learn about the existing intensive contacts with Brazilia and Sao Paulo.”

Curaçao with Jorge Lehm Müller, the director of the southern district of Sentro di Industrialistanan Sao Paulo (CIESP), to discuss commercial ties between Curaçao and Sao Paulo.

Companies from the industrial city Sao Paulo apparently are interested in doing business with the island. El Hakim said his aim is to strengthen Curaçao’s position on the world market. “These commercial relations could generate more income for our local entrepreneurs, could create new chances and employment. I had a pleasant meeting with Mr. Müller. As former judge, he has good connections in the city Sao Paolo and the capital city Brasilia.”


The ministry announced more activities would be organized on Curaçao with Brazilian investors. “Müller is convinced Curaçao and Brazil can reach agreements that are favorable for the private sector of both countries”, said El Hakim.

The minister left for Sao Paulo on August 9th for follow-up conversations with the Brazilian authorities to remove Curaçao from the blacklist of tax havens. After this two-day visit, El Hakim will be abroad up to and including August 25th for private purposes.

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