Published On: Mon, Mar 16th, 2015

February 2015 recording 12% growth – More visitor arrivals this year for Curaçao Carnival

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - Visitor arrivals recorded in February 2015 increased recording double digit growth recording 12% more visitors than February 2014. The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is pleased to report that 4.247 more visitors were welcomed in the second month of the year, hereby continuing the positive development reported at the start of the year. All together a total of 39.794 visitors were registered against 35.547 in the same month last year.

The 2015 Carnival Season also recorded positive arrival numbers compared to last year’s season. CTB measured arrivals in the 7 days leading up to the farewell parade, and came to the following conclusion: a total of 11.123 stay over visitors were welcomed in 2015. Last year this same period recorded 9.256 stay over arrivals, resulting in a 20.2% growth. The top five countries generating arrivals to Curaçao during this period were: The Netherlands, Venezuela, United States of America, Canada and Brazil. The growth recorded is respectively, 3%, 69%, 35%, 20% and 77%.

The new route from New York with JetBlue is clearly reflected in the positive performance of the USA. Stay over arrivals from North America increased by 22% in February with a total of 7.943 visitors compared to the 6.528 visitor arrivals in February 2014. The United States with 5.497 stay over arrivals recorded a 25% increase. The information gathered from the Immigration cards shows us that the majority of the US visitors reside in New York (18.1%), Florida (14.2%), Texas (4.6%), Massachusetts (4.4%), and New Jersey (3.7%).

Canada recorded a 15% increase with 2.446 stay over arrivals this February 2015. This increase is directly attributable to the start of weekly service from Toronto (West Jet, Air Canada and Sunwing). As of January 1 st 2015 the new seasonal route from Montreal with Air Canada has also been instrumental in growth out of this market. In addition, the combined marketing actions with partners in the tourism industry caused a marked improvement in performance of North America.

The South American market increased by 34% in February 2015, with a total of 11.207 stay over arrivals compared to 8.351 in 2014. From Venezuela a 38% increase is registered, a total of 7.863 visitors were counted in February 2015. Brazil, Colombia and Suriname also registered increases in stay over arrivals. These were respectively 44%, 30% and 26% more visitors. In absolute figures Brazil, Colombia and Suriname registered 1.100, 661 and 711 stay over arrivals.

The new route with InselAir from Guyana that started on December 18th is also reaping results in this market. A total of 148 visitors were counted; last year only 45 Guyanese visitors were registered.

The European market recorded an increase of 1% in February 2015. The region provided a total of 16.509 stay over arrivals compared to the 16.423 recorded in February 2014. The main producing country, The Netherlands recorded a 3% growth with 12.594 in February 2015 compared to 12.222 in 2014. Market research continues to confirm the great popularity of Curaçao as a leisure destination, which is the reason we expect this market to continue to perform well. Germany decreased recording 2% less visitors in February 2015. A total of 1.551 visitors were registered. Last year this same month recorded 1.585 German visitors. Belgium grew recording 50% increase.

Stay over visitors to Curaçao from the Caribbean region decreased by 12% in February 2015. A total of 1.981 visitors were registered. Aruba registered a decrease of 18%. This month 860 arrivals are recorded from this country. On a positive note, the direct flight with InselAir from Trinidad and Tobago that started on December 15th 2014 is reflecting back in the visitor arrivals. A total 406 visitors were registered for an 11% increase.


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