Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2012

Former Minister of Economic Development Nasser Hakim: Hard work pays off

WILLEMSTAD - On Friday October 12, 2012 Curacao Ports Authority (CPA) & Curacao Dry Dock (DOK) signed an agreement to built 2 tugboats here in Curacao. In the past CPA / KTK would buy their tugboats from abroad. Now Curacao will be building its own tugboats creating 200 new jobs in the ship building sector and keeping around 30 million guilders here.

According to former Minister of Economic Development Nasser Hakim, this achievement is the result of determination and a lot of hard work. There are more accomplishments after six months of work. These include:

  1. DOK is not a ship repair company, but also it will be a ship building company (KSB)
  2. 200 more jobs in the ship building sector
  3. Saving on our hard currency by importing less
  4. KSB will be making a lot of money
  5. KSB will be taking orders from the international market and producing ships for other companies in the world
  6. KTK will be getting custom make boats with special specifications
  7. KTK will become distributor and exclusive agent for KSB, hence it will be making money from a different type of business
  8. KTK will get into the rental business. KSB will build the boats for KTK and KTK will rent them worldwide
  9. CPA will make money from KSB, KTK and DOK

“We can be proud, because we can!” Hakim concludes

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