Published On: Tue, Apr 15th, 2014

Green Force: ‘Project developers do not care about EOP’

DevelopmentWILLEMSTAD - Environmental organization Green Force is concerned about the evaluation of the Island Development Plan (EOP). Developers have given their own vision statements during a debate in parliament. They only discussed the economic aspect, and that is one-sided, says the environmental organization.

"People do not seem to know the definition of sustainability when you hear that the discussion is only about economic development. Developers did not even mention the social and environmental aspects of the EOP,” Green Force owner Tim Brouwer said.

According to the EOP, the salt flats of Jan Thiel, is a conservation area and should be left alone. A boulevard from Jan Thiel till the Sea Aquarium also encounters objections, according to the policy stipulated in the EOP. Green Force believes that it is hypocritical that the developers, on one side, talk about sustainable development, but at the same time they prey on green areas. These are pieces of land with little development where only nature stands in the way, these are in fact cheaper than pieces of land in the city or that need renovation. Sustainable development means, for Green Force, the optimum use of land already owned, such as what is happening now in Pietermaai.

“Do not use green areas, but develop what already exists or improve what is already there. Thus, there are numerous plots which are to impoverish all over the city, but they do not want to buy these because they are too expensive. This is a problem with regulation. The government should regulate it. All those vacant parcels are the obstacles to the sustainable development of the island. Just take a look in areas like Santa Maria, Rio Canario, Santa Rosaweg, Punda, Otrabanda and Veeris and you will see many areas that could be used by developers,” Brouwer said.

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