Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2012

Jardim: “Too late for crisis levy”

WILLEMSTAD - Interim Finance Minister Jose Jardim (photo) says it is too late for a crisis levy to reduce the budget deficit. The deficit is already too high for this emergency measure according to De Antillliaans Dagblad. In a previous phase a crisis levy would have still been a way to reduce the deficit.

Now the levy would only ensure that the Curaçao economy could go into a deep recession. In late June, Jardim, then Secretary-General, had sent an emergency letter to the then Minister of Finance George Jamaloodin to request a crisis levy. That did not happen. Jardim wants, together with the Netherlands, solve the financial situation. Today he will start a national dialogue with social partners to clarify the financial situation, in which there is no surplus in the budget, like his predecessor claimed. Ideally he would like to avoid laying off civil servants.

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