Published On: Sat, Dec 1st, 2012

Relating to the Interbolsa case, the Government has understood the International Financial Sector

WILLEMSTAD - Representatives of the Curacao Financial Sector have met with Ministers Betrian and Jardim to deal with the situation that has emerged in Colombia. The meeting was a success. The representatives were able to explain to both ministers the importance to let the authorities in Colombia understand that the treaty between the two countries is a good option, surely now that Colombia is in a situation where Curacao can be of assistance.

The Minister of Finance has understood that it is Curacao’s opportunity to get Colombia’s attention and therefore sign treaties that are beneficial for both countries. Colombia must hear from the Minister of Curacao that there is a desire to reach a TIEA and DTA. TIEA is the Tax Information and Exchange Agreement and the DTA is the Double Taxation Agreement.

Interbolsa is in a difficult situation and there is indication that the possible the company Premium Capital which is established in Curacao might have valuable information. It’s a multimillion dollar case which is in the interest of Colombia to know what actually happened. Curacao wants to help but there are no treaties that allows the exchange of information between these two countries, according to the experts. Curacao wants to be transparent but cannot give information since this is against the rules.

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