Published On: Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

Results of the Business Census are known

BusinessWILLEMSTAD -The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has been commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development, to carry out a Business Census. The results of the census are ready and available on the Business Census website.

The purpose of the Business Census was mainly to get relevant and updated information on all profit and non-profit companies in Curaçao. The updated information is essential in policy development. The results give an insight into the specific economic and financial needs of the business community on the island.

Starting today the reporting of the results of the Business Census are available on the website The Facebook page will also be updated weekly during the two coming months. Here everyone can find information on the different types of companies in Curaçao (micro, small, medium and large companies), the number of exports, the financial situation of the companies and more.

In addition to the official page of the Business Census, soon everyone can get this information on the CBS website.

As Curaçao plans to profile as a knowledge economy, information and data must be fully utilised in conjunction with the capabilities of the people, the skills, competencies and ideas, as is noted in the recommendations of the Business Census. In addition, there is also the recommendation that micro-enterprises should be given the support to grow and young people should be trained in jobs where needed. The focus should be on getting knowledge through developed or acquired technology, but also to attract skilled and talented human capital which contributes to the economy of Curaçao.

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