Published On: Thu, Jan 24th, 2013

SBAB: sales tax revenues increased with 60 percent

WILLEMSTAD–  Since the start of the game show and road shows organized by the Institution Tax Accountants Bureau (SBAB) with the campaign ‘Bo faktura...Pidié!...Dun’é!’ the sales tax revenues from toko’s and mini-markets increased with 60 percent, director of SBAB, Sherwin Casper reported. With this he responded to criticism from parliamentarian Glenn Sulvaran during the budgetary discussion, who said he had the impression that the SBAB is a promoter of concerts ant not a tax accountant. According to Casper, Sulvaran is entirely right to worry about various government institutions but the campaign actually was a success. “With a sample survey we checked 100 toko’s and mini-markets twice. In October 2012 it appears they had paid 60 percent more on sales tax than in January 2011, when we started the game show on TV”, said Casper. “To make the project ‘sealed cash registers’ a success we also started a road show with concerts involving various sectors and districts. We wanted to emphasize that people always request a sales slip and with that we were able to give information.” The idea of the campaign is that customers ask for sales slips with their purchases and storekeepers do this correctly. The project on sealed cash registers from SBAB last year also focused on increasing the tax compliance.

Although the then minister of Finance, George ‘Jorge’ Jamaloodin (MFK) supported the projects in the beginning, the current Minister of Finance, Jose Jardim requested an investigation into the lawfulness and correctness of the shows. Also the cash register project will be investigated. “If the new minister, who for that matter was recommended by parliamentarian Sulvaran, believes changes are in order or if he has a different plan, then I’d gladly hear his suggestions”, said Casper. He reported that he stopped the shows immediately even though the two concerts still on the agenda have already been booked and paid, namely bachata artist El Torito on April 6th and meringue singer Eddy Herrera on May 11th and 12th. “We are seeking a new organizer who will take over the organization and a large part of the costs”, said Casper. “Several carnival groups will probably want to take over these two.”


Casper couldn’t say how the announced differentiation of the sales tax (ob) in three rates: 0 percent, 6 percent and 9 percent will be implemented. After all, as some sales slips don’t mention the product it remains unclear if the correct rate was charged. This occurs rather often now. “On further investigation it appears that according to the legislation entrepreneurs are not compelled yet to mention the product on the sales slip”, said Casper. “But this will be the case with the new legislation on the differentiation. We are still to discuss this with the ministry.”

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