Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

SER with own advice on minimum wage policy

MoneyWILLEMSTAD - The Social Economic Council (SER) is currently working on a proposal for its own policy on the minimum wage in Curaçao.

The advisory council states that this proposal, which will be presented at beginning this year, is described by the SER as a more extensive guidance on the policies regarding the minimum wage, covering the full spectrum of social and economic impact of the minimum wage issue.

In accordance with the Ordinance Social and Economic Council, the advisory body is also authorized to come with their own initiative advices. In its advice to the Government on the indexation of the minimum wage the SER makes, in this context, reference to the fact that it will come soon with an own initiative proposal. The reason for the own-initiative advice, is that the SER considers it necessary for the government to refine the policy on the amount and the method of adjustment of the minimum wage and other government-controlled incomes.

The SER puts a number of question marks on the indexing of the minimum wage. The council notes that the government did not address the possible macro-economic aspects linked to the indexation of the minimum wage in the proposed adjustment.

The SER urges the government to explain how they took into account the potential impact of the indexation of the minimum wage in their decision-making.

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