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Stable stay over visitor arrivals in June

3% more visitor nights in the first half of 2014

Year to Date Figures: January through June 2014

curacao-willemstadWILLEMSTAD - The overall stay over arrivals in the first six months of 2014 recorded a decrease of 3%. All together, 209.701 stay over visitors were welcomed during the first six months of 2014. In 2013 Curaçao welcomed 216.530 stay over visitors. The European region registered 5% more visitors in the first six months of 2014. A total of 92.213 European visitors were registered during this period. Last year in the same period CTB counted 87.611 stay over visitors from the European region. The South and North American region decreased by 11%. Respectively we registered 54.156 South Americans and 35.382 North American visitors during the first six months. The Caribbean region decreased by 16%, during the first six months of the year and we welcomed 15.796 visitors from our neighbor islands.

Utilizing the ‘Turistika Model’, CTB and MEO calculated that for the first six months of 2014 the tourism sector was directly responsible for generating 195.9 million US dollars into the local economy. Last year the same period generated a total of 198.2 million US dollars. European stay over visitors, who visited Curaçao in greater numbers during the first six months of 2014, spent a total 93.4 million US dollars, about 47.7% of the total. They were followed by the South Americans who spent 46 million US dollars and the North Americans who spent 37.6 million US dollars. The Caribbean visitors spent a total of 10.5 million US dollars in 2014.

The fact that Europeans flocked in greater numbers to our island also resulted in an increase of 3% in overall nights during the first six months. Europeans spent on average more nights compared to the other regions. All together visitors stayed 1.883.687 nights in Curaçao compared to 1.833.184 nights in the first six months of 2013. The European region recorded significant growth in total visitor nights with a 6% increase and 1.026.366 registered nights. In absolute figures this region claims the greatest share of visitor arrivals causing a positive impact on the overall number of nights.

Moreover, Europeans spent on average more nights compared to the other regions. The South American region recorded a slight 2% increase in visitor nights. In absolute numbers 406.755 nights were registered during the first six months of 2014. This is 9.627 more visitor nights than last year. North America and the Caribbean recorded less visitor nights, respectively 7% and 17% less. Thus, in absolute number a total of 256.017 and 103.169 visitor nights.

The share of the top 5 markets to Curaçao during the first half of 2014 is as follows: the Netherlands (33.3%), Venezuela (17.0%), United States of America (13.0%), Germany (4.4%) and Aruba (3.9%). In absolute figures the top 5 markets registered 69.766, 35.601, 27.182, 9.128 and 8.223 stay over visitors in the first six months of 2014.

Preliminary figures June 2014
The preliminary visitor statistics collected by the CTB show that 33.095 stay over visitors arrived to the island in June 2014. This figure represents a flat performance with zero growth compared to the arrival figures recorded for the same month last year. In 2013 CTB recorded 32.997 stay over visitors in the same month.

Most of the visitors come from Europe (36.3%). The region provided a total of 12.017 stay over arrivals compared to the 11.904 recorded in June 2013. The European market recorded a slight 0.95% increase. The main producing country, The Netherlands decreased by 2% with 9.297 in June 2014 compared to 9.445 in 2013. Germany increasedrecording 26% more visitors in June 2014. A total of 1.175 German visitors were welcomed. Last year this same month recorded 929 German visitors.

June 2014 was a good month for the visitors from South America, 33.6% of our visitors are from this region. In total 11.105 South Americans were welcomed in June 2014, an 18.13% growth. The main reason of the positive performance is that the seat capacity from Venezuela is now comparable with capacity in June 2013. From Venezuela we welcomed a total of 8.082 stay over visitors. Last year we recorded 5.884 stay over visitors, a 37% growth. Brazil and Colombia registered respectively 3% and 24% less visitor arrivals.

From North America, CTB still faces some challenges with regard to airlift. Being well aware of this situation, CTB is working on numerous marketing initiatives to alleviate this situation. 14.3% of our visitors are residents of the North American continent. Stay over arrivals from North America decreased by 23.59% in June with a total of 4.744 visitors compared to the 6.209 visitor arrivals of June 2013. The United States with 4.546 stay over arrivals recorded a 24% decrease.

Stay over visitors to Curaçao from the Caribbean region decreased by 23.90% in June 2014. A total of 2.847 visitors were registered. Aruba registered a decrease of 25%. In 2014 1.459 arrivals have been recorded from this country.

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