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Stay over arrivals increased by 3% in 2014 – Curaçao becoming more popular

6% more visitor nights in 2014

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - The overall stay over arrivals in 2014 recorded an increase of 3%. All together, 452.042 stay over visitors were welcomed in 2014 reflecting a significant increase of 11.291 visitors.

The European region registered 6% more visitors for a total of 186.238 Europeans compared to 175.849 visitors in 2013. From The Netherlands a 6% growth is registered, or in absolute numbers 140.702 stay over arrivals. The South American region registered a 4% increase with the main producing country, Venezuela, recording a 6% growth in visitor arrivals. The North American and the Caribbean region decreased respectively by 8% and 14%.

Milestones in 2014:
The year 2014 registered several milestones in the secondary markets. Starting with Germany and its record number of 19.118 arrivals (+8%). Canada reached a new record with 12.468 visitor arrivals (+30%). Brazil, Colombia and Belgium accelerated their performances in a 2014 recording respectively 12.049, 11.559 and 6.447 stay over visitors in 2014 (+11%, +16% and +7%).

In total, visitors stayed 3.984.212 nights compared to 3.754.311 nights in 2013, with year-on-year growth reaching 6%. The information gathered from the Embarkation/ Disembarkation Cards shows that 67.7% (306.210 visitors) of the stay over visitors stayed at one of the registered accommodations in Curaçao. The share of arrivals among large hotels, small hotels, bungalows, apartments and guesthouse is respectively 30.7%, 14.4%, 15.0%, 6.7% and 1.0%. The number of visitors that stayed at a non-registered accommodation is 145.833. This is 32.3% of the overall arrivals.

Utilizing the ‘Turistika Model’, CTB and MEO calculated that for the year 2014 the tourism sector was directly responsible for generating $419.5 million US dollars into the local economy. In 2013 the tourism sector generated a total of $401.6 million US dollars. European stay over visitors, who visited Curaçao in greater numbers during 2014, spent a total $188.7 million US dollars, about 44.9% of the total. They were followed by the South Americans who spent $121.7 million US dollars and the North Americans who spent $69.9 million US dollars. The Caribbean visitors spent a total of $22 million US dollars in 2014.

Preliminary figures December 2014
The preliminary December figures highlight the positive developments the island is experiencing in terms of airlift and the overall increase in exposure, awareness and demand in our European, South American and North American markets. The statistics collected from the Immigration database show an increase of 8% in stay over visitors. A total of 43.578 stay over visitors are registered, compared to the total of 40.170 stay over visitors recorded in 2013. The geographic spread is showing us that the share of the European region is larger than from the South American region, respectively a 39.7% and 34.2% share of total arrivals.

Another positive note is related to the North American continent. The continent continues to register growth recording a 24.71% increase in December when a total of 7.500 stay over visitors were welcomed. Both countries within the continent registered positive figures. A strong 40%
increase from Canada and a 20% growth from the United States. The growth from the United States of America is directly attributable to the new Jet Blue service that started on December 2nd 2014 and the accompanying joint marketing efforts. Looking forward CTB acknowledges that the
new route from New York with Jet Blue in December and Montreal with Air Canada starting in January 2015 will definitely influence the arrivals from North America positive.

In absolute numbers the South American region had a good performance with 14.889 stay over arrivals in December 2014, signifying a percentage growth of 6.92% or 964 additional visitors. Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia registered growing numbers with respectively 10.121, 1.741 and 1.497 stay over arrivals. The December performance is good for a 2%, 29% and 32% growth.

The European region continues to grow, again reflecting the positive impact of added air service. The region provided a total of 17.281 stay over arrivals compared to the 15.284 recorded in December 2013 thereby registering a 13.07% increase. The main producing country, the Netherlands increased by 16% to a total of 12.943 in December 2014. Germany’s performance in December recorded a 9% increase in stay over arrivals. A total of 1.481 visitors from Germany were counted in the CTB/Immigration database.

Stay over visitor arrivals from the Caribbean region decreased by 12.02%. A total of 2.473 visitors from our neighbor islands were registered. From Aruba a decrease of 15% is registered. In absolute numbers 1.314 visitor arrivals have been recorded from Aruba.

The visitor nights recorded an 8% growth in December 2014. A total of 404.249 visitor nights are registered, 29.468 more visitor nights than last year. North America increased by 25%. The South American region increased by 15%, the main producing country in this region, Venezuela increased with no less than 12% growth in visitor nights. In absolute numbers 84.312 visitors’ nights is registered from Venezuela in December 2014. From Europe an 8% growth is registered; in absolute numbers 198.440 visitor nights. The Netherlands recorded 9% growth in visitor nights; in absolute numbers 152.966 nights.

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