Published On: Sat, Sep 29th, 2012

HAVE A HEART: A Call-for-Peace Benefit Concert -Stop Violensia, Uni Pa Kòrsou!

WILLEMSTAD - These are difficult times for our island. Therefore we say that it is time for a big benefit concert, in which we call for peace, plea to stop violence, and enjoy an amazing show with Curaçao’s finest.

With everything that is happening on our island today; the horrid double murder on the Chinese couple in the Savaan, the atrakos, the economic problems, the intensity of the upcoming elections... it is time that people remember what our goal as a nation should be:
To live together, safely and respectfully.
This is what last week’s peaceful demonstration called for. And the various Stop the Violence initiatives in the social media. Our island is in a desperate need of peace, of unity in diversity. Something that Curaçaoans actually know well how to do.
We don’t always have to be happy with one another, or agree with one another. But we still must examine our island’s old and new pains carefully, and together find constructive and long-lasting solutions for them. This we can do in many ways that are respectful and peaceful. Violence surely does not solve our issues; it only creates more pain.
Plenty of artists created their music to stop exactly the kind of violence that we experience today. Performers have that power, and therefore have that responsibility. To remind us that violent ideas and violent actions hurt our people, our culture, our economy, our future, our island. Without each other we simply cannot survive as a nation.
Therefore we have invited some of Curaçao’s best performers to spread this message in Have A Heart, our Call-for-Peace Benefit Concert. Izaline Calister, Ced Ride, Junior Tecla, Maruja Boogaart, Gilmar Fraites, Dreams, Trinchera, Hershel Rosario, Danzarte, Josje & Angela, Diverse Sauzen, Pernell Saturnino, Julio Cambaro Palacio, Shamiro Anita, Cirko Magik, Melania van der Veen, Dennis Aalse’s Big Band and many others will create an inspirational and very diverse show. With and for one other, Kòrsou Style!!!
Come and enjoy, and make your call for peace. See you there!


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