Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2018

Curaçao cleans during World Clean Up Day 2018

Government supports initiative on September 15, 2018

Lo Res Ministers WCUD 2018WILLEMSTAD - Together with more than 150 other countries, Curaçao will participate in World Clean Up Day on Saturday September 15, 2018.  The goal is to dispose of as much waste as possible worldwide on that day and to draw attention to the pollution problem. The entire population of Curaçao is called upon to roll up their sleeves that morning to make the island cleaner. Participation in the cleaning action can be done by registering at

You can register with friends, family, colleagues, association or individually. Upon registration you will be asked what kind of clean up one wants to participate and to leave personal data. We are also asked if volunteers are in possession of a pick-up, to bring dirt to a nearby container or to Landfill Malpais. Selikor gives free passage for participants on World Clean Up Day for that day.  License plates from participating vehicles are registered in advance.

Map it

With the slogan 'Get the App and map', people worldwide are invited to download the App "World Clean Up". There is an easy way to indicate where a lot of litter or illegal deposits can be found. This app is available for both Android and IOS. The aim of the app is to map all contaminated areas as completely as possible, making it easier to see which places need to be cleaned.

The initiative for the Curaçao participation in World Clean Up Day lies with the ministries of SOAW and GMN and various foundations and companies that have joined forces, including Curaçao Cares, Curaçao Clean Up, Clean Caribbean Coalition, GreenForce. The entire government supports the action. Some ministries contribute financially for, among other things, the purchase of cleaning materials. Other ministries provide manpower during World Clean Up Day, and several Ministers will roll up their sleeves on 15 September.

The idea for World Clean Up Day originated in Estonia. As in many other countries, an annual cleaning action is also organized there. The organization in Estonia decided to join forces with similar organizations in other countries, resulting in the initiative 'Let's Do It, World!'. Over the past three years, this initiative has been working towards World Clean Up Day, with the aim to allow 5% of the world population to participate in the cleaning action on that day. Five percent of a population is scientifically seen as a turning point, with the rest of that population being 'hit' by the action. Meanwhile, more than 150 countries have indicated that they are participating in World Clean Up Day. If the intended number of volunteers is reached, or approached a little, the largest volunteer action in the world takes place on the day in question.

After numerous cleaning actions in recent years on Curaçao, various organizations have joined forces and together with the government they call on the entire population of Curaçao to be part of the largest cleaning action that Curaçao has ever known on the morning. According to the organization, pollution is a known problem on Curaçao, but there is still a lot of 'dirty blindness'. Polluters do not know what they're doing wrong, from people throwing a bottle on the street to contractors dumping rubbish. And for those who are out on the streets every day, junk no longer falls on the road. World Clean Up Day is therefore not only to make the island cleaner, but also to create awareness, that we must be economical on our island. Because, the organization asks, we live on one island, and if we ruin it, where are we going?

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