Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016

HBO presents the mega donors that financed the US presidential campaign in the new documentary Meet the Donors: Does Money Talk?

A new premiere featured in HBO Latin America's Documentary Season 2016, the film is directed by Emmy® Award winner, Alexandra Pelosi, who investigates those who financed the most expensive election in history

hbo_hdtvMIAMI – While the world speculates about what the result will be of the upcoming presidential election in the United States, HBO exposes one of the most controversial topics of the U.S. political system: who are the mega donors of the presidential campaign and what do those who donate millions of dollars for their candidates to win expect in return.  Directed and produced by Alexandra Pelosi, Meet the Donors: Does Money Talk? premieres on Monday, November 7th at 21hrs*.

Alexandra Pelosi – who received an Emmy® award in 2002 for Journeys with George, one of the 10 documentaries that she has already made for HBO – dedicated herself, over the course of one year, to seek out the 100 largest presidential campaign donors, getting herself into fund raising dinners, cocktails, luxury hotels, corporations and other places visited by the most influential multi-millionaires.  With her camera in hand and a large sense of humor, in Meet the Donors: Does Money Talk? Alexandra talks face to face with some of the men and women who have supported republicans and democrats alike, and who have contributed a combined $6 billion dollars to their presidential campaigns.

"To be part of the game," "to support the democratic system or an ideology," "to prevent what government could do to you," "to be heard," or to just "have the opportunity to rub elbows with the candidates" and take photographs to add them to a "vanity wall" are just a few of the motivations mentioned by the people being interviewed.  However, almost everyone has something in common: the majority claim to not recall how much money they donated.

In its fifth documentary season, HBO showcases 11 documentaries, including the recently Emmy® Award nominated Mapplethorpe and Everything is Copy, as well as the successful HBO Latin America Originals documentary, Wars of Others. HBO's documentary season demonstrates that HBO, in addition to having the best original series and the biggest blockbuster films, is also home to the best selection of documentaries – unique in their genre and available only to subscribers of HBO in the region.

In addition to their premiere broadcast on HBO, all documentaries from the 2016 season, as well as a selection of the best HBO documentaries, are also available to subscribers on HBO GO, the digital platform for Premium entertainment.  HBO GO is available via, downloading the app for a mobile device (with iOS or Android) or on Xbox 360 (for Xbox Live users).

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