Published On: Thu, Aug 21st, 2014

No one goes quietly in the final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

The award-winning original drama series returns for its fifth and final season on Sept. 7th in the Caribbean, simultaneously with the United States

Boardwalk-Empire-Reason-08-16x9-1MIAMI – HBO’s Emmy® and Golden Globe winning original drama series Boardwalk Empire returns for its eight-episode, fifth and final season on Sunday, September 7th in the Caribbean, simultaneously with the United States. Created by Terence Winter (Emmy®-winning writer of “The Sopranos”) and directed by Martin Scorsese (Academy Award winner), this Prohibition era series chronicles the life and times of Atlantic City’s undisputed ruler, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, portrayed by award-winning actor Steve Buscemi.

The first four seasons took place during the 1920s, and this new season leaps seven years forward to the depths of the Great Depression in 1931, where Nucky recalls his Atlantic City roots and plots a post-Prohibition future. As the country struggles to cope with the Depression, and with the end of Prohibition in sight, Nucky looks to legitimize himself through alliances with liquor producers, while rivals Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky seek to consolidate their power in the wake of Arnold Rothstein’s death and eliminate all competition – by any means necessary.

In addition to Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire stars Kelly Macdonald as Margaret, Nucky’s estranged wife; Michael Shannon as former Federal Agent Nelson Van Alden, caught up in gangland conflicts; Shea Whigham as Nucky’s brother Eli, who went underground after killing a federal agent; Stephen Graham as gangster Al Capone; Vincent Piazza as gangster Lucky Luciano; Paul Sparks as gangster Mickey Doyle; Michael Kenneth Williams as Nucky’s former ally Chalky White; Gretchen Mol as Gillian, now battling her demons; and Jeffrey Wright as Valentin Narcisse, Chalky’s nemesis.

Other returning cast members this season are Anatol Yusef as gangster Meyer Lansky; Ben Rosenfield as Eli’s son, Willie Thompson, now a young prosecutor on the rise; Patricia Arquette as Nucky’s ally, Sally Wheet, now based in Cuba; and Michael Zegen as gangster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

New cast members include Jim True-Frost as crime fighter Eliot Ness; Matt Letscher as wealthy, politically connected businessman Joseph Kennedy; Giampiero Judica as Salvatore Maranzano, the “boss of all bosses”; and Louis Cancelmi as Capone enforcer Mike D’Angelo.

Boardwalk Empire has been a success among fans and critics alike, garnering several awards and nominations in the course of its four seasons, among them for best drama series and best actor. It recently received seven Emmy® nominations (awards to be announced), and has won several Emmy® Awards in past years: five, the most of any series, in last year’s competition; four in 2012; and led all programming with eight in 2011, along with two Golden Globe Awards.

Inspired by the non-fiction book “Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City” by Nelson Johnson, Boardwalk Empire was created by Terence Winter; executive produced by Winter, Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, Tim Van Patten, Howard Korder and Eugene Kelly; and produced by Joseph E. Iberti, Rick Yorn and Allen Coulter.

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