Published On: Mon, Dec 19th, 2016

The King to attend the world premiere of Double Play

Willem AlexanderTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – King Willem-Alexander will attend the world premiere of Double Play at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on January 27, 2017. The film, based on the book with the same title and authored by the Curaçao writer Frank Martinus Arion, will be premiered that night at the Old Luxor Theater.

With the premiere, the festival aims to show the cultural importance of Curaçao within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In Double Play, one can see at the hand of a domino game how the Antillean society shifts from the Dutch colonial rule to autonomous self-government.

In the film, the protagonist looks back in time. According to the IFFR, Double Play is a story of pride and humiliation, money and love, ambition and hope. The film with Caribbean, American and European actors is directed by the American Ernest Dickerson.

The King talks afterwards with the cast and with representatives of the Curaçao community in Rotterdam.

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