Published On: Tue, Jun 25th, 2013

Cabinet Asjes wants to work with everyone to create a stable Curacao

Prime MinisterWILLEMSTAD – The Prime Minister of Curacao, Ivar Asjes presented his Government’s intentions and plans on Monday during the meeting of Parliament. Asjes said that on the long run he will present the Government’s program to the Parliament and to the people of Curacao.

“Our Government will work with might and soul and in a professional way to serve the people of Curacao and to have concrete results according to the Government agreement which focuses on peace, tranquility and prosperity, signed on December 12, 2012. Curacao is confronting major challenges which requires the help and support of each person living here. The Government is calling on all members of Parliament to unite in the fight to realize the collective goals so our nation can prosper. Let us commit ourselves to form together and foster hope once again in our community so that Curacao can go forward. Let us demonstrate greatness, maturity and humility and form a strong alliance, forgetting our political differences, to achieve social justice for our people.

As a young nation, we have to realize ourselves that only with unity, solidarity and with hard work we can take Curacao out of the difficult situation it’s in and achieve peace, tranquility and prosperity which is desired by all citizens. Our Government wants to work with everyone to achieve a solid and stable Curacao, where all citizens have an equal opportunity to prosper and develop their talents and individual abilities in a optimal sense,” the Prime Minister said in his speech before Parliament.

Furthermore the Prime Minister affirmed that during the last months, some tough decisions were made but they were necessary. “Our Government will continue with a responsible and healthy budget policy, but combined with the emphasis on economic development and social investment to achieve progress for Curacao in a sustainable manner. We are convinced that the best balance between financial-economic development and social-cultural development with a constant emphasis on education, health and clean environment, safety and social care are necessary and the framework of the Government Agreement for the 2012-2016 term will be our compass.

This encompasses the principal areas of government in which we will continue fervently to raise the quality of our rule of law, improve Government’s communication and strengthen our national identity. The efforts to stimulate Nation Building, which by now are being restructured under the new Department of Communication of the Ministry of General Affairs, will get more special attention with a push to create a national identity and fortify our sense of patriotism.

Through dialogue, we will initiate and also facilitate the national process to promote more unity so to realize a nations conscious about their duties and responsibilities. A nation which is proud of its own identity and its unique location on the world map. We will analyze and choose the dialogue platform and structure the involvement of all in an effective and appropriate way to reach the most important goal, a healthy and conscious Curacao, who is proud of inheritance and determined to develop its potentials to achieve the maximum,” according to the Prime Minister.

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