Published On: Mon, Jan 5th, 2015

Derby: “Category 1 status will gain momentum after legislation and organization”

AirportWILLEMSTAD - A part of the process to recover the category 1 status is an independent regulator for the aviation industry. The Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) wants to become an independent administrative body (IAB) in the first quarter of this year. An additional charge for passengers will become the main source of income for the CCAA.

Originally it was intended for the CCAA to become independent last year, but according to the director of the organization, Oscar Derby Curacao is still on track to recover the Category 1 status of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), the US aviation authority, this year. Only then can Curaçao airlines expand their flights to the United States.

Consultants are called, through an advertisement, in order to develop a business plan for the CCAA. The business plan will include the organizational structure, staff salaries and functions. "We want to start as soon as possible with the new organization. The business plan should therefore be ready on short notice, so we can timely inform the government,” said Derby. According to the CCAA Director, an external consultancy will be asked for the preparation of the business plan because of the low capacity of the staff.

Like the FAA, the CCAA will levy a surcharge on every ticket. How high the surcharge will be is not yet known. In collaboration with the University of Curaçao (UoC), the CCAA will hold a survey on the willingness of passengers to pay an additional amount for aviation safety. The supplement will be the main source of income of the independent CCAA.

In addition to the privatization of the CCAA Curaçao must comply with standards and regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Last year, the CCAA has therefore been busy with staff expansion, knowledge building and adapting regulation and legislation for the aviation industry. “We hope to hand over the new legislation to the Ministry within the next few weeks,” said Derby. “When the law and new organizational structure are finished, the path for the category 1 status will gain momentum,” said Derby.

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