Published On: Thu, Jul 3rd, 2014

Extra: “Weapon used to kill Wiels belongs to local security company”

WielsWILLEMSTAD - The weapon, which was found  in the Waaigat last week and that was used in the murder of the late political leader and Member of Parliament, Helmin Wiels, is registered with a local security company.

According to the local morning newspaper Extra, the discovery of the murder weapon gives the investigators more solid ground to continue with their investigation. Extra indicates that they have credible sources that the murder weapon indeed comes from a local security company. One of the important aspects of a murder investigation is to find the weapon. Now that this is the case, the investigators will have to determine the link between the security company and the suspects.

“The investigators must determine whether this weapon was stolen from the company or if it was provided to them. There must be a police report if it was stolen,” the newspaper declares.

It was Elvis “Monster” Kuwas’ wife who told the investigators that her husband was the one who killed Wiels. He was ordered to do so by Pretu and Nini. Apparently Pretu paid Monster 50 thousand guilders. Monster borrowed the weapon from a certain Kalo or Djun (nicknames). 25 thousand guilders were destined for the driver, which in this case was Bolle. Bolle did not receive his payment and was furious at Pretu. When he heard that the car, which was used during the crime, was found, he decided to get rid of the weapon.

According to Extra, the question is who is Kalo or Djun. There are certain leads already and Kuwas’ wife said that she saw Kalo with this weapon in front of one the suspects’ home.

The declaration made by Kuwas’ wife is now more credible after it was confirmed that the weapon found was used in the killing of the late political leader.

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