Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2013

Former ruling party PAR is crumbling in amongst themselves

WILLEMSTAD – During a council meeting of the political party PAR yesterday, the members of the council have voted to officially  dismiss Glenn Sulvaran as a member of the party. During the negotiations to form a government for Curacao, Glenn Sulvaran joined the Pueblo Soberano (PS), PAIS and PNP as an independent member of the Parliament, to form a government based on the support of 11 members of Parliament. Sulvaran stated that he was joining the group of 10 in Parliament as an independent he is still part of the political party PAR. Members of the party council thought otherwise.

In a recent press release the PAR stated that even though Sulvaran expresses in the media that he’s still a member of the party, he dismissed himself when he declared that he will continue as an independent member of Parliament. According to the leaders of the party, this is not acceptable. The statutes of the party does not allow this. The fact that Sulvaran proceeded to sign the coalition agreement, appoint a minister and present candidates to various supervisory boards of public companies, are undeniable expressions of a political movement alienated from the PAR.

Now former Minister of Justice, former member of Parliament and one of the founding members of PAR, Magali Jacoba, bids the party farewell. According to reports, Jacoba submitted her letter of resignation letter to the yellow party.

Currently the former ruling party is without leader. During last election the party went from 8 seats in Parliament to 4. On November 11, 2011 Glenn Sulvaran became independent which left the party with only 3 seats in the house of representatives.

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