Published On: Mon, Dec 24th, 2012

Fuel and utility prices down

WILLEMSTAD – The price for fuel and utilities will go down as per December 28th. The Government made this announcement in the local media. The price for gasoline will go down with almost 28 cents and diesel with five cents. With the last adjustment of the fuel prices on December 3rd, the price for gasoline (Mogas 95) was 2.340 guilders per liter. The price as from December 28th will be 2.063 guilders per liter. The price for diesel will also go down from 2.057 guilders per liter on December 3rd to 2.011 guilders per liter as of next week Friday.

The price for gas cylinders remain unchanged, namely 66.50 guilders for a 100-lbs cylinder and 14.80 for a 20-lbs cylinder.

The price for water and electricity will also go down as from January 1st. There are three rates for electricity. Consumers currently pay 0.7822 per kWh for 250 to 350 kWh and will pay 0.7406 per kWh as from January 1st. The price for water will decrease from 12.6819 guilders per cubic meter to 12.5355 per cubic meter.

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