Published On: Mon, Apr 7th, 2014

Health sector on strike

BremerWILLEMSTAD – Employees in the health sector have decided to go on strike today. The health sector union, CBV has called all their workers for a meeting and to unite against the government’s actions towards this sector.

The union representing the mental institution Capriles Clinic has also joined the strike. This is according to Kenneth Bremer, vice president of the ABVO union. ABVO is worried about the current situation in the health sector. The cardinal point for the strike is the letter which was sent by the Minister of Public Health, Ben Whiteman. This letter contains five points of which the CBV is against two of them. The Minister has indicated that the nursing home, Birgen del Rosario should stop taking more patients and also put a halt to more employees.

After receiving a call from their colleagues, ABVO attended the CBV meeting to give their support. The union has already contacted its members employed at the mental institution. “If our neighbor’s house is on fire, we have to help because one day it could be our house,” Bremer said. “Today we will join CBV’s strike against the government.”

ABVO agrees with CBV that if the nursing home will stop taking more patients, it could mean the end for the institution. “It won’t even take three years for this to happen. This could really mean the end of Birgen de Rosaria and this means that people will lose their jobs,” Bremer indicated.

ABVO believes that the government should meet with the unions to come to a solution to this situation. “We cannot accept a letter like this. The government makes its decisions without even consulting with us. We will be in a meeting today and how long this will be really depends on the Minister,” Bremer said.


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